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  1. ROLF, novel idea, and quite cool, but if you get one the novelty would wear of quickly, and as its been said how in hells name do you charge this thing lmao, put it in a glass of water >_>. P.S sorry its been a while, lifes been hectic again >_<
  2. haha, yeah it is quite funny, but as chris said only the first time
  3. There are 101 reasons that everyone hates vista, my main one is the fact that vista can't cope with 10 windows open, it just slows right down, ffs windows vista is slow on my dads machine and its a 3.3ghz quad with 8gbs of ram, ive actuly got in the pc gamer mag the image of the volution of windowsm it shows xp as a semi man, then vista and a mokey again facing the wrong way and 7 as a evolved man lol, windows 7 is better at everything, i dont know one thing vista does better, vista is crap full stop.
  4. It's hard to do the couterparts as as you haven't pointed out that actuly each car is you look carefuly seems to be based on more than oune car to make it look interesting, nice idea for a thread though, but most, most, cars o GTA are based on 2 or even 3 cars. Albe it some cars are only based on 1.
  5. Just as a forward note if it still dont work, sometimes, even after getting the latest build of GFWL, it can still try and update and not work, to fix that you have to download the lastest patch for the related game, something I found out after having this problem myself. And after chris being right and MS buggering my GPU drivers and i updated today from Nvidia and it worked, and it didnt yesterday, thanks chris for telling me to turn off Auto updates,
  6. geran30

    Worst PC

    Ehem, i belive i said , this was said because some of the Asus Board are actuly pretty unreliable, dont read inbetween the lines, that was directed at no one it was a statememnt and fact, i only use ASUS, they are very good, and the 8800GT i had was an ASUS, so you have a good card there, but some Asus board are not good, but im an ASUS fanboy, it's all i use and all i ever will.
  7. geran30

    Worst PC

    I was asked to post it for the sakes of it anyway by someone else lol, well AMD are very good at the momeny assuming you get the correct CPU, their dual and tri cores are pish, but their latst Phenom X4 II's are fairly good, ASUS reacently managed to overclock one to 6ghz a core with nitrogen cooling, also if you actul compare intel and amd the amd CPU's actuly run a bit faster, not surre what they have up their sleve next, why dont we all buy those nice motherboards that support 2 cpus everyone , pricy.
  8. Well windows 7 is great, unless you install something it hates, i was installing Autodesk 3DS MAX on 64-bit and it compleatly froze my OS, and it would never boot again, if i tried to re-install windows it would get to windows setup and BSOD on me lol, so ive got my spare 400gb hdd in now with 32-bit on, great everything working, BSOD'd, i sit and diagnose it and find it's teh damn nvidia drivers, it took me a day to get it fixed lol, the only ones tht stop the bod are the ones windows downloads itself, apparntly there are problems with 190 according to what ive seen on the net, oh well, i fixed it now lol, now to see if i can reteive stuff of my other 3 hdds, joys =3.
  9. Well the advert problem is solved for me, this is after windows 7 crashed when installing Autodesk 3DS MAX, and would never boot again, and now ive reinstalled 4 times and solve the constant Blue screens of death caused by the latest Nvidia drivers, wonderful, it's safer to use the ones windows dowloads lol, anyways the adverts seem to be behaving now, and im just reinstalling GTA as i type .
  10. Well if you work for Bill Gates then you know how he started MS by taking he best friends little program he made as some fun gave him damn all for it and started MS with it, his best friend had infact invented dos, and bill bought it off him, thats why im a little of with MS, and the fact a lot of featurs in the the terrible os Vista came from Mac funnily, but im not having a go at you, most likely your one of the nice one who works for ms lol.
  11. Hmmm interesting, i've never encounterd that, its probarbly some special HTML or something that wont let FF users in, dont take my word on that lol, thats like a 1% chance, oh well, at least you can still see the sites ehy
  12. i've never had that problem, just out of interest, what are some of the sites it wont open?, Cheers
  13. LMAO, no i dont use it for that, as of last night i uninstalled IE, i hate IE with a passion, i hate to say for IE lovers out there, when i was in school i insatalled it on, on my account and the admin went nuts at me thretning to ban me from the system, i soon bribed him with a copy of MS Office 2007 and copies of windows 7 from me, he didnt bother me after that, but im on the wagon of IE haters, i just occasionaly have to use it to check all the BB codes work, but i cba any more, IE will have to suffer from now on, all hail the script that stop IE users seeing websites ad tells them to get another browser, although i dont use it cos that would be stupid , or would it >_>.
  14. I'm laughing at MS mate not the users, MS=Microsoft, read whats contained within my ** lol, i was laughing at the fact they added 2 IE's in when there was no point, tbh i was using IE for about 4 month bofer 2 weeks ago cos i couldent be bother re installing firefox, but i've still ended up back on it, it'sjust certain BB codes dont work on FF with IPB forums ive made, like the Glow BB code ect, im not laughing at the usesrs, each to their own.
  15. Woops, i really must stop coming on forum at that time in the morning, ill just edit it now, thanks Steam .
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