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  1. guys i am very sorry my cousin made my account and whoever he offended i am truly sorry yours truly ,gtaplaya52 ps;huckleberry pie he says sorry
  2. ok i mean go f*****g take the girl to the hospital they probably didnt love her
  3. thanks i have shazam for the iphone but it didnt find lol
  4. ok here i was playing vie city with 4 stars and cops chasing me i go inside my mansion at 21:10 and my gang members are sitting in the room with the armor and health and big pistol.They haqve pink circles in front of them i step on all of them and they help me battle the cops.I try to do this again but it doesnt happen help!!
  5. ok whats the name of this song here are some lyrics "now gonna franky one time to the left now gonna franky one time to the right lil momma bust it up open imma franky when i hit it i do it so good i do it so right i franky franky franky all night"
  6. Lol i already knew that i had Gta 3
  7. I Would have to choose the PSP as i already own a PSP 1000 Use the poll to vote for your favorite game system!
  8. halo gta vc gta sa true crime nyc
  9. lol its 2 in the morning here in u.s
  10. never mind go to youtube and type Hoodstar52 ok be a bitch then
  11. ok heres my youtube channel www.youtube.com/users/Hoodstar52
  12. she is candy suxxx from gta vice city i have a video of gameplay of her on youtube type in gta vice city candy suxxx mod and watch
  13. nice now if only i hd gta iv nice now if only i hd gta iv dont forget to vote on my topic poll
  14. i would have titty f****d her by now
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