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  1. is suturing up her future.

  2. Thanks :-) Good to know there are some Arctic Monkeys fans here!

  3. I love the US version. The UK one never did it for me for some reason. I think it's because Steve Carell (or probably the writers) manages to make his character an idiot as well as sometimes lovable, while Ricky Gervais couldn't make the combination imo. Plus in the US one you see a lot from the rest of the office workers, which didn't happen in the UK one.
  4. I like your signature. c:

  5. If it had come from any other celebrity, I'd believe it.
  6. LOL @ Warrior :P

    Also Hey :D (:

  7. Yes. I think there should be a rule to not reply to a post that was made too long before yours, just to keep the topic flowing. :> Let's try: Your favourite literature? [book, comic, magazine, etc.]
  8. No worries. :P

  9. I'm chipping in a little randomly, but I've been wondering about reincarnation. People who believe in it say something along the lines of "if you're a bad person in this life you'll come back as a cockroach in the next". But an insect doesn't have half the capacity to understand that it was once a human and is now an insect, so where's the punishment?
  10. How do you mean? I believe the final scene with The Joker is with him hanging off of the side of the contruction site, Batman disappears and some useless SWAT officers arrive to incarcerate The Joker. That suggests he was finally caught I guess. Yes, the role fit Maggie Gyllenhaal much better. Besides, as far as prettiness goes, she's playing a lawyer, not some model.
  11. sorry for the retardness dude-ess :P. I didn't know what were the right words to choose. Please forgive me :,O

  12. I think you should start at the beginning. c: Look for a song called Hong Kong Garden. It was their first single back in 1978. c:

  13. ha i never listened to the music alot but I think she looks pretty darn cool :P if i were to start listening to the band what should i start to listen to?

  14. Wow that didn't sound pervy at all dude.

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