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  1. Glockshna

    Playerped smashed plz help me

    Alright alright, she has suffered enough. But from now on remember to make backups. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=6465 Enjoy, Oh, if you're GTAIV is warez this won't work for you. You need the disk.
  2. Glockshna

    help! modded cars and a biiiiig problem

    Yeah that one tool. That one tool has a lot of problems. Don't use that one tool anymore.
  3. Glockshna

    GTA IV prevent cars from spawning

    Well there is one way that i know of, it's a bit out there and difficult to do but i believe it will get the effect you want. Before you import the car into the vehicles file, change the name of the 2 model files to FIRETRUK, then import it. This will make it so that you always be the only one riving it. (I personally have never seen a fire truck cruising down the road.) Now after that you will want to update the handling so that it performes like a sportscar. Find the FIRETRUK line in Handling and replace the whole line with this, FIRETRUK 1700.0 7.3 85 0.0 0.0 -0.08 0.0 5 0.21 1.0 145.0 0.23 0.65 0.7 35.0 1.35 1.10 14.5 0.15 0.48 1.2 1.0 1.0 0.13 -0.21 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.0 0.8 1.5 0.0 25000 440000 0 0 That will make it handle like a Sabre GT. Of course you can change it to whatever you want. Have fun
  4. Glockshna

    Police Crown Victoria

    Well I'll tell you one thing, being a dick about it when someone tries to help you is not how you get you're way. You're not going to get help on this if you're going to act that way.
  5. Glockshna

    how to modify .wdr files

    Yes you can. I don't know myself how to do it, but for the Prison Break mod there where custom clothes you could use.
  6. Glockshna

    Need some help!

    if all else fails you can call Customer Support at rockstar. they should give you a new one if you give them the receipt.
  7. Glockshna

    Vehicle Request (lamborghini reventon)

    Bumpcakes. You know you want them!
  8. Glockshna

    Such thing as a increase destruction mod?

    get the Handling editor for GTA iv and modify the Deformation Modifier to a higher number and volla. Done.
  9. Glockshna

    My ideas for Gta V

    I defanantly like the taxi missions idea. And being able to fly again would be great aswell. So many things i forgot I was more focused on the DMM thing
  10. Glockshna

    My ideas for Gta V

  11. Glockshna

    Adding cars into the game

    I dont think you can. But what do i know I don't think that the game will recognize them, the code is made to look for xx and yy car name. i don't think is will detect zz car name unless it's told to. A trainer could probably achieve this though.
  12. Glockshna

    My ideas for Gta V

    THANK YOU! Almost forgot about that. Garages are much better. I remember back in SA when there where garages. Well i don't really see the difference, either way it saves you're car. But i still like garages better for some reason
  13. Glockshna

    My ideas for Gta V

    In Gta V They should bring the gangs back, for one thing. I liked the ability to be able to grab some hommies and go shoot up the place. Sure there are mods that allow you to do this in iV but it's not the same as grabbing some members of you're gang and and going to an enemy gangland and shooting at random. Just not as fun. In Gta V they should bring back the ability to buy houses. What should we do with all the money we get? In GTA V i have 600k and I'm not even finished with the storyline missions, and i have NOTHING to spend it on. You should be able to buy Cars as well. I feel like just walking up to a random car and taking it with little to no repercussions is just too unrealistic. It doesn't suite the new graphics engine and the level of realism that Gta IV brought to the series. In Gta IV when you get arrested for committing a triple homicide, steeling 4 cars, and killing countless police officers, you're punishment is either getting seriously injured and waking up at a hospital with 10 grand in medical bills with nothing else to show for it, or you get arrested, and pay 10 grand to the police and lose your weapons. For me it seems all too easy. If you've ever played the Jailbreak mod for iV i think there should be something along those lines for being arrested. If not for every time, at least for being arrested at 4 Star++ wanted ratings. As for getting killed, you should at least lose you're weapons, if not more money. As for the game engine itself, they should redesign it to work with PC. They just ported the code from the console to PC and altered it to make it work (As far as I have read, don't quote me on this) which resulted in a terribly laggy game engine that requires the equivalent of a supercomputer of sorts to run at maximum graphic with a 60+ frame rate. For the car driving aspect i believe that the engine for that is near perfect. The cars drive realistically (Minus the fact that you can crash head on at 60 MPH and keep driving) what with the way they sway back and fourth when you turn. They handle well too. The only problem with the driving aspect of the game is they way they deform when they crash. For the next Gta they should implement DMM technologies for the car deformation. Thats an example of Wood and glass. Dmm deforms/breaks breakable objects ultra realistically and it's different every time depending on the impact force and material. Perfect for car crashes yeh? Heres a Lucasarts demo. Well thats my idea for the base of Gta V. Comments?
  14. Glockshna

    Veichles you wish for in the Next GTA?

    Lamborghini Reventon. I would actually like a better model of it in IV
  15. The most beautiful car on the planet. Honestly why hasn't it already been made? I mean the ability to drive (And crash ^;...;^) One of the most beautiful, And expensive (1.6 Million USD a pop) cars on the planet it just blows my mind we dont already have it. Ok im done with the rant. If anyone could make a good High quality model for this car to import into Gtaiv i would... I dont even know. But if anyone can do it it would be awsome. Here are some pictures for refrence material. If you need more images or refrence material just google search. Theres tons of pics. Thanks!