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  1. GTAPlanet


    Well i have been finding that iTunes U on the iPhone is great! Theres many great apps for college including FULL TEXTBOOKS! right on your phone! thats extremely helpful stuff, take my word for it!
  2. working on GTAPlanet. Then off to WalMart haha

  3. GTAPlanet

    IPB3 Bugs

    Hey all, im running the site on a 13" MacBook and the search/tab feature not showing up right it seems. The writing is up in the blue and barely visable. Just me?
  4. GTAPlanet

    The Office

    haha yeah i have 59 episodes of it on my MacBook from iTunes lol
  5. GTAPlanet


    ahh i didnt realize that wow! well i guess where we lack in some areas (charged for recieving texts, calls) we are greater in others (cheaper iPhones lol)
  6. GTAPlanet

    The Office

    or when Michael get "harvey" the talking PC lol "me so horny, me lobe yoy long time" haha classic!
  7. GTAPlanet


    how is $199 USD expensive? With a two year deal the 3GS is $199 USD. WIth a two year contract, the 3G is $99 USD. Thats pretty cheap!
  8. GTAPlanet


    never heard that one, if i had a radiator i probably wouldnt try it but i guess it could work by slowing down the molecules in the battery?
  9. GTAPlanet


    Im starting to believe Rockstar games is going a little overboard with the GTAIV city. It was fun the first time around but come on! enough is enough, come out with a whole new game next time WITHOUT episodic content because your dragging this game out for the money for way to long. I mean dont get me wrong, GTAIV is amazing! and so is the L&D but its just being dragged on a bit.
  10. GTAPlanet


    @chris: yeah it was very aggravating! i run my own web design company and have clients call and text me quite often and so I had to get unlimited texting because they were running my phone bill up extremely high ($300+ USD)!
  11. GTAPlanet

    The Office

    the US one is much more awkward funny if that makes sense many more awkward moments and stupid humor, very funny
  12. GTAPlanet


    the 2G and 3G could overcharge and overheat very quickly this was fixed in the 3GS thank god also yeah chris, we get charged for recieving calls and texts! its stupid, especially since so many people text nowadays they assume you cab recieve them. I have unlimited texts with AT&T but when I didnt, I would get so pissed when people would text me! its adds up quick!
  13. GTAPlanet


    Didnt see a topic about the discussion topic about the iPhone or the future of the lineup, so whatdya all think? I have a 3GS and i love it! any of yall have an iPhone?
  14. GTAPlanet

    The Office

    the US version is totally different and much funnier i promise! check it out at hulu.com
  15. GTAPlanet

    The Office

    its a mocumentary about a fictional paper company called DUNDER MIFFLIN in which steve carrel (40 year old virgin) along with john krazinski (away we go) and others all sell paper while taking part in useless waste of time activities haha its the best show since seinfeld!