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  1. stevenwright6379

    Problem with San Andreas +151 Trainer

    i can't, but can you help me(about the same trainer)? when i extract it my AVG shows its a virus. do you know how did that happen? the short version is that anti-virus companys are paid to show stuff like that up as virus'(Norton is worst IMO) to stop people from downloading stuff that mess with game files so 9/10 times when anti-virus software say it is a virus it actually isn't
  2. stevenwright6379

    help with cleo 3

    its a full cd copy where on the box will it say if its a us version or something different (i live and brought the game in England if that helps) i have found a san andreas cleo activator with that the game works fine but the cleo mods don't work at all
  3. stevenwright6379

    help with cleo 3

    after i install cleo 3 to san andreas the game doesn't start help please is it because i am using a down graded ver 1
  4. stevenwright6379

    disable damage

    thanks works well
  5. stevenwright6379

    100% cleared save game

    thanks i will try that
  6. stevenwright6379

    disable damage

    right i have downloaded and installed admin console but it is not working. when ever i double click to open it doesn't??? help plz
  7. stevenwright6379

    100% cleared save game

    no mine is a cd copy can't be a beta
  8. stevenwright6379

    disable damage

    ok just to make sure this is for SP not MP right
  9. stevenwright6379

    disable damage

    is there any files i can edit to disable damage?
  10. stevenwright6379

    100% cleared save game

    This means you have V1, and should download V1 saves to make them work. This advice should work for both of you. it is still crashing and the saves are v1
  11. stevenwright6379

    100% cleared save game

    same it crashes for me to