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  1. hi,i am rockstaridols if you need some help go to the members lounge and post the desired topic bye friend

  2. EmoInuYasha330

    I Really Need Help WIth Mods =( PLEASE!

    This forum is NOT for posting anything about the GTA games. If you break this rule you will be shot. Please go to the main forums page and scroll down further, you'll see the GTA forums there. Thank you. And
  3. Can ANYONE Please Help Me With Car Mods PLEASE Im Very Desprate And Yeah I Really Wanna Have A Car Mod In My Game For The First Time In My Life
  4. EmoInuYasha330

    GTA VC Modding

    Ok Now Im New To GTA Modding With The Computer And I need Serious Help I Wanna Do The Multiplayer Mod To Put In Vice City And I Dont Kno How And I Need Help With Other Mods To Like Cars, Skins, Weapons, Buildings, Ect. Btw Im Using Windows Vista But If Anyone Can Help Me Out Contact Me On MSN Or AIM MSN: [email protected] AIM: EmoInuYasha330 Thank You