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  1. @TUN3R @amazingdude @BlackListedB Thank you for your inputs. I have solved the problem.
  2. Las Venturas Q. Which is the largest police station in GTA SA?
  3. I think there is a 85% chance that there is a multiplayer mode.
  4. I have seen this map in other websites, they were saying it was a remodded map of IV.
  5. Ok, i was turning my pc on but my BIOS gives 1short and 1 long beeps and this continues until you turn the pc off. I have removed all USB devices from the CPU but it still gives me the same beeping error. how to solve this prob? NOTE- This happens before i can even reach the BIOS screen.
  6. Yeah Rockstar have created their own version of the RAGE engine. Its also the protocol to the Euphoria engine
  7. I am pretty sure they will launch their next trailer just one month before they launch it for consoles.
  8. True at the point it is bulletproof, false at the point it is fireproof. [T/F] Andromada is the only vehicle the player cant obtain.
  9. I just changed my avatar to GTA V. Can everyone see it clearly?
  10. Yeah, motogp 8 was a great title played it 2 years ago.
  11. Been so long haha having a busy life college, home, work life's a mess as usual...had been a long time since i was last active. Feels good to be back.
  12. Its true soldiers will fire you from shotgun if you receive 2 star wanted level right? @TUN3R never tried that thing. I will go with True considering you can adjust the pitch of the car while in air. [T/F] we can get the bulldozer without unlocking the hunter quarry side missions and deconstruction?
  13. Any NFS game released before NFS Shift and Undercover are my favorite.
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