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    I pretty sure thats not gonna be the map but i could be wrong those aren't the fist missions in the game but they are going to be in there i think. The first mission's you are in Los Santos. Two cops screw you over by leaveing you in a rival gang naborhood and have to ride your bike to I think Smokes house. He than wants to mess up this pizza place for painting over his art. Anywho next time you need to warn people about spoilers next time
  2. Rylouartig

    PS3 game in liberty?

    its worth knowing what fans think
  3. I can't Wait to see what they have planned for them. My money is on the Casino
  4. Rylouartig

    San Andreas for Dumbies

    Most of this comes from PSM August 2004 Issue and the rest comes from websites that can be trusted. ok now alittle bit more detail about the game. Ok lets talk about the AI's. Everything you do in the game can may things better or worse on you. Even things like getting a hair cut can make the AI's laugh and your gang members disrespect you. Geting fat can make people treat you bad and skinny can man people push you around. So you need to think hard about what you want to look like. Shooting in the game might make some of you PO and others jump for joy. The new shooting system not only allows you to use two guns at once but also you have more controll on where your shooting. Which means you don't lock on any more, you have to point your gun at what you want to shoot. I like it because now the dareing can take on a police chopper with a pistol if they wanted to As for hand to hand combat think Manhunt because thats how it is in San Andreas. This is great being that the last games didn't have much of a fighting system. now lets talk about some other feathers like rust and dirt. your cars will now have some wear and tear on them. Older a car gets the more rust. more off road you go you'll have dirt maybe even blood on the car if you run over someone. Real time reflections 35- 50% more polygons on the screen Realistic shadows and lighting effects more detailed textures more realistic animations more in door locations better and bigger in door locations more mini games each weapon offers a vastly different play experience new rag-doll physics better vehicle physics Break into houses to get some cash and so much more is kept a secret at the moment But I'll update you on things like the radio and missions latter I have a few of the mission scripts if anyone wants them Also Character list
  5. This Game is 5 times bigger in roads wise than Vice City and has three huge citys you go too. San Andreas is not a city its a state and what a State it is. When i said roads wise before i ment just that. a set of really long roads connects the three citys which are each about the size of Vicecity. in between the citys and mountains , freeways ect. You play as Carl Johnson, whos whole life has gone down hill and now you live with your gang in the hood of the LA Based city. Its Based in the 90's so think about movies like Boyz in the Hood. This City will have a big downtown area , alot of movie studios (porn maybe), and also look out for Riots, Gang warfare, and the other sinful stuff LA has. Another city is a San Fran based city. this is the place where you can do alot of cool car tricks and you'll probally have alot of boat missions here. San fran has a big chinese pop so you might look out for some triads and they have a huge ----- scene so expects some real funny jokes. and lastly they make alot of video games there so they might have a mission that goes that way. finnally is the Vegas based city. which will have you run strip jounts, casinos, ect. you might even become a real pimp with the coat feather hat and everything. the Italin mob will make a comeback in this game. Vegas might be where your hardest missions take place. now lets talk about some of the other dirt the game will allow you to swim but don't think you won't drownd you can get fatter and skinnyer and buffer in the game. alot more clothes to dress up in new hair styles change them whenever you can now stop in the middle of a mission to get a hair cut or whatever you want to do, there no real time limits and stuff. you can ride bikes new improved AI for everyone new driver skills system which if you drive a car long enough it will be easy to controll and break into. If you in a tough spot in the game the level will try to make itself easier for you to get though it. more than a few ways to pass each mission or really do anything in the game. You need to eat every now and than but don't worrie its not like the Sims Pagers galore in the game. Building places as well as buying them is now possible new improved fighting system, and shooting system. much longer story and game play that just gets funner and funner so you can just get to the end. hire gang members to help you with missions new drive by shooting system, you or someone else drives while you or someone else shoots gum chewing alot of new guns cars and ect thats about all I can remember not I'll be back later though Pre order now its worth it
  6. you call country music? Country is not music, They are storys about beer, pickup trucks and hitting your wife. but they might have it since theres miles of roads in between the three citys in the game. and Country music is on the stations when you take road trips. They might have different stations for each of the three citys. what I'm hopeing for is a howard stern type talk station where they take to like stripers and lesbos and fart jokes. And GTA SA is in the 90's!!! and based around Boyz in the hood so you know they'll have some form of hip hop. Stop its hammer time
  7. Rylouartig

    GTA SA 4 PSP?

    First off your right it is too big. GTA SA is on a dual layer DVDrom disk which means its about 2 DVD disk big. I don't know how much a UMD can hold but still GT4 takes 2 UMD's and on the PS2 it only takes 1 dvd you'd need 4 UMD's too have GTA SA on the PSP and there would have to be alot of load times. Secondly PSP is a great (maybe even the best handheld) I have ever seen. I wouldn't doubt at all if they make a new GTA for it. And for those who hate it (freaks) you guys are missing out on a hell of a system.