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    The Godfather

    Yeah i got this game a couple of weeks ago and I agree it is good. The characters are portrayed really well, and i love how the game follows the storyline and incorporates the player into it. The explosions were simply amazing, and the 'Execute' function when finishing off an enemy was a nice touch. I did find it slightly annoying how most floorplans were the same (all banks, businesses shared identical floorplans for each type). and the story in my opinion was just too short! (im going by GTA standards mind you!). The gameplay was slightly awkward at times and the cars handling was absolutely crap. Overall a really fun, engrossing game, but didnt really hold my attention for too long. I'm probably bias tho, comparing it to GTA isn't really fair i suppose! Also, michael corleone looks NOTHING like al pacino, WTF is up with that?!?!
  2. Okay, i recently downloaded the original GTA 1 from rockstar, but when i run the game its really sluggish and gameplay is jerky. My computer is more than capable of handling the specs, it was bought new last year, i have fiddled with the display settings on GTA AND on my own desktop but it still has the same problem, and yes i have turned off the frame limiter in-game, but that just makes it run too fast. Can anyone out there help me out with some advice? i would be so damn grateful if you could Thanks!
  3. I didnt download any hot coffee patch... should I have?
  4. (PC VERSION) I have recently formatted my computer, but made a backup of my San Andreas completed game user files from My Documents before I did so. Now I have reinstalled san andreas, and overwritten the user files with my old complete, but it just wont load my old saved games when in game, i can only start from scratch. Why cant I use my old saved games? I also cant play any saved games i download. Please help!!! T.I.A
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