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  1. I like cop d most cuz it looks nice and i can go in PD andmilitary base.

    btw I think Mr.Vercetti looks kinda gay (plz dont be offended)

    :blink: Really? you can go to de military base with the cop outfit, i din't know that, now I know how to enter and steal the military chopper without getting killed, thanks for the info!!!.

  2. :bleh::coolthumbup::innocent::blink: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Still Beind The Best, More Real Than GTA 3 And San Andreas....Tommy Is The Best Main Character Till Now.... :yup::weird:.. When San Andreas Come Out, And I Saw It The San Andreas Trailer In Television, I Was Like Wooah... I'm Sure It's Gonna Be The Best.... Then I Buy It SA For 50 Dollars. Then When I Play San Andreas I See That All The Things That Rockstar Add It Was Very Cool, But If We Compare SA With VC Having The Same Things Add Like Getting Ripped, Clothes, Swimming Etc. Etc. VC Win.... And Still Without Those Things VC Is Better....


  3. ok heres the reason that i joined. I wanted to tell all of you that this is a wayyy better idea than any single countried settings. How about they just call it GTA 4 and then have some cities in US some in the UK and Europe and maybe even some in Japan(i love japan). that would be alot cooler and better and it would workout smoothly since the new ps3 disc can hold a LOOOTTT of memory. How about some of you consider that as a great idea. maybe they could even put a norfolk city in one of the european maps. thats my idea.

    and dude. yes gta 1 has the names VC LC AND SA but they arent at all real, they are totally made up maps. but in gta3, VC, and SA they are representing real places like new york(3) Florida(VC) and the west coast like las vegas, SF and LA(SA) and gta2 was based on the future, it has industrial city,shopping city and residential city(or sumthing like that) GTA2 is nothing like the other games, its more of an outcast in locations than GTALondon.

    Driver.... thats what ive wanted for GTA games since I was 11 years old. My city and a real person being played in the city by you.

    :coolthumbup::bleh: Well It Says That GTA4 Gonna Be 5 Or 6 Time More Bigger Than San Andras, So, The Citys Id Like To Have In The Game Is, All The Anterior Citys And Chicago, Phoenix, And Mexico City, Mexico City Cause Is Too Big And There Is A Lot Of Crime There......... :whistle::innocent:

  4. Folks, you all know that th ability of watching TV in-game could be great. You know that show on a commercial in Vice City? Bah... you forgot (:P)! What kind of a fan are you!?

    Kidding... So yeah, there was/is a commercial in the radios about a show called 'Just The Five of Us'. It's a SitCom show, almost like that show called 'My Wife and Kids'.

    I don't think it should be a problem for the PS3 console's CPU and the blu-ray disk. It's big enough to walk on it. He he...

    Wouldn't it be great to be able to see those kind of shows? It brings that sense of 'OH-MY-GOD-THAT-GAME-IS-ALIVE!' thingy.

    :blink::bleh::D Yeah, Would Be Nice To See The Radio Comercial And Some Other Show Like Fernado And Laslow Having Their Own Show, Taht Would Be Great!!!... :thumbsup::whistle::)