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  1. Alex2247

    Vice City or Vice City Stories?

    GTA Vice City Is Better...... It has better story and better character
  2. Alex2247

    Your VCS rating

  3. Alex2247

    Favourite Song On Vice City

    I Think that all the songs in Vice City are great!, not for nothing VC Is the best game sountrack in the world
  4. Alex2247

    What is your favourite outfit?

    Really? you can go to de military base with the cop outfit, i din't know that, now I know how to enter and steal the military chopper without getting killed, thanks for the info!!!.
  5. It Should Be Mexican, There's Already Been An American, Two Italians, Two Black Dudes, It's Time We Play As A Mexican........
  6. Alex2247

    Claude, Tommy, CJ or Toni?

    Maybe CJ Left His Life Of Crime And Decide To Become A DJ, And Maybe We Hear CJ On The Radio
  7. Alex2247

    Do you tink we will see Tommy in VCS?

    Or Maybe to See Back Again Tommy, Sonny's Brother(Georgio Forelly) Send Victor To LC To tell Tommy That In Two Years Hes Gonna Be Release From Prison, Like When CJ Fly To LC To Make A Job For Salvatore..... It Can Be Right??......
  8. Alex2247

    Could It Be?

    Oh Yeah I See It, But I Think That Looks More Like A Submarine Or Something For Me:coolthumbup:
  9. Alex2247

    Claude, Tommy, CJ or Toni?

    I Would Like That Return Tommy, If Is Not f Main Character, Maybe The Main Guy Can Reciebed Jobs From Him,
  10. Alex2247

    Whos your favourite character

    Tommy Vercetty..... Why? Best Character, Best Voice, He got a voice like a real man, very cool voice...
  11. Alex2247

    Is San Andreas The Best GTA Game Ever?

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City Still Beind The Best, More Real Than GTA 3 And San Andreas....Tommy Is The Best Main Character Till Now.... .. When San Andreas Come Out, And I Saw It The San Andreas Trailer In Television, I Was Like Wooah... I'm Sure It's Gonna Be The Best.... Then I Buy It SA For 50 Dollars. Then When I Play San Andreas I See That All The Things That Rockstar Add It Was Very Cool, But If We Compare SA With VC Having The Same Things Add Like Getting Ripped, Clothes, Swimming Etc. Etc. VC Win.... And Still Without Those Things VC Is Better....
  12. Alex2247

    Help, no audio for GTA Vice City (PC)

    Why? He Download It , I Don't Think That's Illegal I Download It Too
  13. Alex2247

    Hot Coffee Problems

    Hey Dell, Were You Dowload The ''Hot Coffee'' Mod?
  14. Alex2247

    Best thing about san andreas...

    Having Two Weapons At The Same Time, That's Cool
  15. These Songs Reminds Me VC.... Summer Madness - Kool and the gang............. Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You,...... I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight - Cutting Crew