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  1. umm... I HAVE ALREADY CRACKED IT! I think, the solution is re-installing the game.
  2. I had already installed the latest patch (1.1) Then what do I do? I need a new crack? Or something?
  3. I have Nvidia GeForce 9500GT And this is never happened to the other games. Other games are playing very well
  4. Please help me, please I can't play the Burnout! I'm open the game, playing a few minutes, and GAME CRASHES?! WTF?! Moreover, this will always?!
  5. Hello everyone Hydras are flyes like helicopters, but somehow, hydras can fly like REAL planes How can i fly hydras like real planes? With a mod? With nothin? How?
  6. Hello guys. I have another question. I've got Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box on PC. I'm playing it. Sometime later, i want to exit the game, because i have homeworks etc. But I do not know how to do. So how do I do?
  7. that's awesome! why you don't continue the story!?
  8. last mission always be hardest... end of the line is hardest. but the BLACK PROJECT misiion is soo hard
  9. I wanna mah' Far Cry CD!

  10. thank you very match, my SA is running now!
  11. In fact, my video card that can run the game one of the easiest. Even if the virus had already noticed. Approximately six months before I install this game I had. Formerly worked, now does not work. My old graphic card is too bad. I can't remember anythin' about old graphic card. Name of the S-Series with Intel was beginning. I do not remember the rest. And my neew graphic card is Zotac GeForce 9500GT WTF IS THIS?! (Could the problem is caused due to crack ... I need a new crack that I wonder?)
  12. hello guys, i need help I have got a GTA SA, 1 CD, Yes, 1 CD! In the past we would run very slowly, because we were very bad video card. Now they've received a new graphics card. My computer is running very hard the past two games has run, but the third is the GTA il did not work. When I click on the icon opens seems, but does not open. Install a patch or something similar did not in fact. So what do you think of the game needs to work again?
  13. Hello guys I'm another new member I want to answer a question I am playing GTA:SA and i am want to make a stunt video But my problem now, I do not know how to make How do I do this, which is difficult to use programs and programs that need to guide me who can? Thank you in advance for your assistance in this manner.
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