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    my new gamming rig

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  1. _Ray

    So what are your new specs?

  2. i have new gamming rig

  3. sorry for that rwils i just wanted to tell him that to respect you and BTW nice good so far my best to all
  4. im not noob i was trying to say wait til he post something for updates
  5. can you read no update he has school respect him
  6. NOEL'S time cycle great i like his idea and nice work tho
  7. @Kogenta: Nice, man so great! now thats really good there best i ever seen
  8. dude you stolen men i could not trush u and wtf grow up men u are 14 teen im 15 so shut it stop spam
  9. coolest ever its looking good Mpilk901: You DO realise that if you report me then it gets reported TO me. I am a Super Mod and it is my job to keep the forums in shape. I'm only trying to help you improve and become a better member but if you keep rejecting my help then I will give you a more appropriate punishment such as a 3 day suspension. I know you have edited your post to remove what you originally said but you still reposted your post after it was deleted.
  10. but website should be free no one should pay for it my option....
  11. why make site do free mod should not cost nothing my option and sounds good about news......
  12. but on topic nice work i would like to help but you don't want me rwils
  13. i hate when people blame me i just signed up here today
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