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  1. i have ps2 version. how,can i put my own music on it instead of the junk they put on????
  2. when do the gang cars show up in front of businesses that can be taken over??
  3. ps2 version. thecheat; dn,dn,dn,x,x,sq,r1,l1,
  4. when i punch in the upside down cheat,it says cheat activated! but nothing seems to happen!! do i need to be driving certain vehicle or what?? it's very frustrating!!!!!
  5. to use the upside down cheat, do i need to buy a cheat device first????
  6. once you've get your driving skills up, the handling gets better.
  7. just needing some ideas on how to get to this hidden package!
  8. there is also one in palamino creek,in a garage.
  9. mine will do this if i use alot of cheats. it also does this if my disc is dirty.
  10. whats the trick to this mission? i've tried it several times, can't seem to pass!!!!
  11. mine does this if i use alot of cheats!!! mine does this if i use alot of ps2 cheats!
  12. when you get to spot indicated, aim camera at the little flashing camera and then take your snapshot.
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