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  1. i don't really like rap sounds all the same to me. all i can understand is the cussing . i will say that country is worse than rap so its not at the bottem on the list.
  2. ^ is verry wrong < wishing i had a shot of my eye juice v thinking of why i wrote eye juice
  3. zamber

    halo ce

    cool whats your name on it? is it stoony....
  4. yeah but this times different he is really a part of a rival gang being a spy and then he dies at the end of the game insted of livin' if that makes any sence...
  5. some japaneese man guy person Edit: maby a chineese bruce lee
  6. how about some person is the char and he did something stupid and now he has the Hells angels or somthin after him
  7. zamber

    halo ce

    looked on there and like 250 ppl was on wondering if any one still played it (any one on this site).
  8. zamber

    halo ce

    i was wondering since its still an older but not old game if anyone here plays it online still if you do...... cool im a noob on there my name on it is zamber
  9. i went to the top of a building and jumped off but my parachute wouldn't work so i splatted on a person.
  10. ive been wanting to see what a cat dog and all those other animals would look like in the games
  11. if you type ninjatown you get the katana but i don't know what all it does it says yazuka theam or something
  12. what would americans canadians and mexacans be called amerimexada?
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