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    favourite car?

    Perinial 4ever!!! Me friend has so car, it's real name "Zhiguli 1300"! http://gtavicecity2010.at.ua/_fr/0/9504521.jpg
  2. DromeoStalker

    Other Planes

    No, there are in VC is plane Dodo (not scimmer), that plane can't swim, an you can't get in it. It flyes arount city with Elvice picture. You canshout at this plane from "Hunter". If you kill that plane, you'll get three police stars. Sorry, that I,m bad write English, I'm Russuan)
  3. DromeoStalker

    Dodo Mission

    Oh! Dodo was my favourite mission! After end it, I parked plane in garage at Vercetty's villa)))