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  1. Hi. I have simple question for anybody, and i talk about original gtasa cars, that can be tuned. The question is, what is that car. Mine is Phoenix. What is your? If you want, you can post picture of the tuned car.
  2. gtasa player

    GTA San Andreas:Weird Things

    Sometimes, when i have 6-star wanted level and im close to high building, the army mens are falling down to the roof of the building. it's very weird
  3. gtasa player

    Favorite Thing to do With SA

    My favourite thing is... I modded the weapons.dat file and put the all weapons damage to 9999 and shoot with the pistol the flying computer controlled planes and watch when they fall to the ground with only 1 shot of pistol. In sometime ago, i shooted the AT400 plane, and it falled right over me, and i died
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    My tuned car. The best thing on that was the car were burning for 3 minutes and did not blow up .