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  1. The Heat-Seaking Missile Launcher can also be found in the Aldea Malvada ghost town on the hill overlooking El Quebrados. Just look among the ruined buildings and you'll see it floating around in one of the recesses.

  2. A few days ago, I found a Minigun lying around in someone's back garden. Having found the weapon, I then decided to try it out on some nearby parked cars, thus blowing them up instantly. I continued doing this for about five minutes until the Police came. Ditching the Minigun, I ran back to my house and cunningly took my jacket off, thus succesfully evading the long arm of the law.

    Saying that, I don't think playing violent games influences what I do at all. Nope. Not in the slightest...

  3. All you have to do to get on the second plane is fly your plane into the red corona behind the jet. This will trigger a cutscene in which CJ bails out of his plane, lands on the other one and gets inside it. From there, you have to kill the four guys in the passenger compartment, then the pilot. After you've done that, you'll find yourself in control of the jet. Just land it at the airport and you're all done.

  4. Maybe it's going to be the chef that tommy vercetti kills in the beginning, because umberto robina said "you killed ****** you must have had big cojones" that means that the chef was dangerous and did jobs for people

    You mean Leo Teal? Yeah, I could picture playing as him about two years before Vice City as he tries to establish himself as 'having big cojones' etc.

  5. ^ Although I do understand where you're coming from, having a limited amount of fuel for vehicles would be more 'frustrating' than 'challenging'.

    Remember the mission ('Dildo Dodo') in which you have to fly all over Vice City in a Skimmer with a limited amount of fuel? Remember the mission ('Supply Lines') in which you have to fly all over San Fierro with an RC Baron with a limited amount of fuel?

    Those that do will probably remember having to do those missions several, if not dozens of times, before finally completing them. In fact, 'Supply Lines' is still my least favourite GTA mission EVER (Closely followed by the first Zero mission, 'Air Raid'), which is why I NEVER want to have to keep an eye on a 'fuel bar' whilst playing a GTA game, ESPECIALLY if I'm just cruising around the city/state.

    Remember, there is such a thing as a game being too realistic.

  6. Personally, I don't really see the point of putting real life cars in the game. Aside from the issue of 'they wouldn't be allowed to have damage physics', I really don't see what the difference between flying an Apache AH-64 Attack Helicopter and a 'Hunter' would be.

    Add to that the fact that the made up vehicles only add to the GTA world which, by nature, is made up. If the cities/states are made up, the characters are made up and the radio stations are made up, then so should the vehicles.

  7. Apologise, then answer it (The answer = Nothing)

    What would you do if all your GTA saves were erased from your Memory Card/Computer (Depending on which applies to you)?

    -EDIT- In response to The Driver's question, Nothing.

  8. There must be some mysterious reason behind Claude not speaking, maybe he was tortured by Catalina once, but he forgave her, and Claude had his voicebox removed by her or something

    My take is that he either chooses not to speak or he was shot in the throat in the opening cutscene, thus damaging his voicebox until he can get surgery at a later date or something.

  9. Personally, I think that Rockstar should do at least one GTA with a Hispanic character, whether it be a next-gen GTA or one of the PSP versions, as we've had (in the 3D versions) a white guy ('Claude'), an Italian-American Mafioso (Tommy Vercetti) and a black guy (CJ), so I think they should do a Hispanic guy.

    However, my idea of choosing your gender, ehtnicity and standard appearance stands as far as the next-gen version's concerned.

  10. Apart from GTA, GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas...

    * Metal Gear Solids 1, 2 & 3 (MGS1 is still the best game ever made IMO)

    * WWE Smackdown games (I'm a wrestling fan and the Smackdown games are the only decent ones of thier kind)

    * Tomb Raiders 1, 2 & 3 (PC versions)

    * Jedi Knight games (1, Mysteries of the Sith, 2 and 3 - all for PC)

    * Spiderman games (Both PS1 and PS2 games)

    * Duke Nukem 3D games (PC version)

    * Solitaire (Very addictive :D)

  11. GTA3

    It was the first 3D version of the game and the setting and atmosphere in the game was just perfect ('Welcome to Liberty City - The Worste Place in America'), whereas both Vice City and San Andreas don't have that same vibe. In fact, the only 3 things the GTA3 needs to be the absolute ultimate GTA IMO are the ability to swim, the ability to bail out of a moving car and, most importantly, Motorbikes.

  12. Avatars I've used on other sites at various points...







    I've used the 'Yin-Yang Spiral' on Wrestleview.com for a quite a while now and would have used it here as well, but I noticed that someone else uses it, which is why I'm using 'The Hand'.

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