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  1. Kenji Kasen, Waka-Gashira of the Liberty City Yakuza and brother of Asuka. Who assigns you the task of killing the aforementioned gentleman?
  2. Compton. Which gang is Cesar Vialpando a member of?
  3. For me, it's a closer tie between Portland and Staunton in this one than it was for GTA 3, mostly because in this game, you don't have to watch your back for Shotgun-wielding Mafiosi.
  4. K___ _p, N__g_! = "Keep up, Nigga!" (said by Ryder, I believe) Where does CJ first meet The Truth?
  5. If you're talking about when you first go to Staunton with Asuka & Maria, then it's the Reefer. What is the name of the front company through which the Colombian Cartel distributes their product via stalls?
  6. And, in honour of our favourite soon-to-be-ex Lawyer...
  7. Once I got used to the controls, I found it surprisingly easy. Even missions like , which seem to be causing others problems weren't particularly bad, though there were a few missions that required a second go, mostly due to bad luck.
  8. The best two were 'I'm Rich' ("... whose parents are rich, and don't pay taxes.") and "Republican Space Rangers" ("... the democratic right to have their votes discarded in swamps!"). The rest is okay. Ricky Gervais also appears on the comedy show, performing a few minutes of dialogue straight from his 'Animals' show.
  9. Passed it first time, though it was a pretty close thing after the cops started swarming in. As for Three Leaf Clover, I started the mission on slightly less than full health the first time, but lasted until we fled into the Subway tunnels, whereupon I got hit by a stray bullet. The second time (with full health and some armour just to be sure) was fine.
  10. I spared him, although I was tempted when he started taunting just as I put the gun down.
  11. Complete the as many of the assets as possible (Zero's Shop, Wang Cars, Airfield etc) and go around collecting the revenue every once in a while. On top of the obligatory/semi-obligatory assets, there are also others, like the Valet Service at the Hotel in San Fierro and the delivery service for the shop with the Freeway sitting in front of it in Hashbury.
  12. Because he once buried some drugs, but couldn't remember exactly where. What is OG Loc's real (full) name?
  13. Shoot him (which he eventually does). Which character threatens to shove 'that sissy soft-rock crap' up Lazlow's ass?
  14. The last mission for Luigi is 'The Fuzz Ball', in which you have to get four (?) or more of Luigi's girls (Prostitutes) from various points around Portland to the 'old school hall' in Chinatown (next to the Callahan Bridge). Who are the rivals of the Redjacks?
  15. Seeing the words 'Jack Thompson officially disbarred' on the homepage was, for me, a definite 'Holy Shit!' moment. While I'm certain that this probably won't stop him 'fighting the good fight' (plus there'll probably be another bible-bashing, self-righteous hypocrite ready to fill Thompson's shoes), I intend to enjoy this moment of victory on behalf of all of us who've had to put up with this bastard over the years.
  16. I loved the first two but the third was nowhere near as good.
  17. PS2 PC Original Playstation (Now packed away) Used to have a Pocket Gameboy
  18. PS2 version - my PC probably isn't powerful enough to run San Andreas.
  19. Absolute genius, especially that last bit about the radio stations... Amen to that. Bloody Radio One...
  20. The 'Casual' outfit (Purple-ish T-Shirt & Jeans) is my favourite Vice City outfit, followed by the default Hawaiian Shirt/Jeans outfit.
  21. Out of the ones listed, Dragonball is the only one I'm familiar with. Saying that, I was very disappointed with Dragonball GT - such a wasted opportunity.
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