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  1. I agree with TUN3R, that scene looks just like a cutscene. Plus, having to open doors (or kicking them) would just make things worse: If you are running from the police, and wants to enter a safehouse and save the game, which one would you prefer, to open/kick the door, or to have the door working like in GTA IV?

    EDIT: Phoenix? Fuck Yeah!!! :D

  2. Well, V-Rock was originally in Reddick, then moved to Vice. Anyways, I don't think it'd have existed in the GTA IV universe, much like every other radio station in the GTA III universe (with the exception of Chatterbox). Plus, the V-Rock Hotel and Casino was a parody of a Rock-themed Casino in Las Vegas.

  3. So, lemme see... Los Santos is there, Countryside is there. Near the end I think I saw one of those machines you find in the middle of Bone County, so I guess we'll have the desert (and Venturas). Oh, I didn't see the dog either.

    EDIT: More specifically, at 1:03.

  4. I swear to GOD if Valve does not release HL2EP3 I'm going to kill things. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BOREALIS!!!!!

    May I make a sugestion? Run. Kill Gabe :P

    Battlefield 3 is still the best game out currently, I mean I played the demo and it seemed like a full blown war, much better than COD.

    Rockstar probably made sure the trailer was released around this time to make sure it is still the number one game around. I expect this site to be busy on the 2nd november

    Probly will. I just wonder how long will R*'s servers be working on that day, before they go down due to the traffic...

  5. According to Wikipedia, Rockstar Games' HQ is in New York. But they have branches in many places of the world, such as Tokyo (R* Japan), UK (R* Leeds, North, Lincoln and London), Canada (R* Toronto and Vancouver), and the US itself (R* San Diego). Plus, they formerly had a studio in Austria (R* Vienna), but it was closed down in 2006.

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