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  1. Just got the "Short-Circuit", but shooting with the Engy ain't my thing (why shoot if your Sentry can do it?), so, do any of you guys want to trade it for sumthin'?

  2. As I don't have any money to buy the keys, whenever I get a crate, I just delete it. Got all the spy's weapons (cept for the Big Kill and the Enthusiast's Timepiece, but they work the very same way as the Rvolver and Invis Watch). My game has some kinda problem with the milestones, as it doesn't unlock the special weapons. Btw, man, you have a lot of vintage items :P

    Oh, almost forgot: http://www.tf2items.com/id/mpedroprower

  3. No? If you mean PayPal, you need a card to deposit there too, so...

    And also, do you have any ideas on how expensive is any eletronical-related thing around here? I'll tell you:

    PlayStation 3: $1500, if you have luck.

    Xbox 360: $1200

    Wii: $800

    PlayStation 2: $500

    A shitty, really shitty computer: $1000+

    A Blu-Ray disc: $90+

    A DVD disc: $40+

    A PS2 game: $35+

    A PS2 game: $100+

    A PC game: you can't even find around here...

    I really hate pirated things, but until I get a credit card, I'll have to use 'em :(

    EDIT: And yeah, it sucks really hard to live here...

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