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  1. Tom.A

    Savegames crash SA

    i have same problem....i think i have replaced main.smc with some cleo mod, but i have GTA v1.1/1.0 after depatching
  2. Tom.A


    Do i get anyhelp on this website?
  3. Tom.A


    Hi, i am trying to install some sirens i have from my game emergency 4, i have replaced the sirens with the SAAT program but when i go to play GTA:SA the game crashes, if i put back the old sirens the game does not crash, i think it is because the max time allowed on a siren, how can i increase this time or do somthing to make them work in game, if you want the sirens to see why my game is crashing PM me, Thanks Tom
  4. Tom.A

    ELM Problem

  5. Tom.A


    Hi, How can i remove the red & blue lightbar from emergency vehicles so i can just have the siren or just the lights (lights- ELM)
  6. Tom.A

    ELM Problem

    Hi, i have just installed the ELM and my game keeps crashing, i have v1.0 after de-patching and i only have these other mods: M4 reskin to SA80, and a UK Paramedic ambulance and 3 UK police cars, what is wrong with my game. by the way, it crashes just after the copyright screen, the menu dosent load, but crashes inbetween
  7. after playing around a bit ive sorted out the game, thanks
  8. will that file also update the save games