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  1. Hi guys - i'm not a map/mod expert at all - but I certainly appreciate the mods I have seen so far. Are there any Map-Mod pro's out there who will USE the blocked-off tunnel openings to create a new area for us to play in? It could join-up to the Ghost-Town for sure!
  2. BratPrince_Lestat

    favourite car?

    The TAXI! ...It has the best handling and once you MOD the speed and brakes to MAX - it kicks ASS! If you need the MOD string in your HANDLING.CFG (Found in the DATA folder) - here you go; (However, I highly recommend using the GTA editor found in the downloads section) TAXI 1450.0 2.1 5.4 1.6 0.0 0.0 -0.25 75 1.05 0.6 0.52 5 260.0 45.0 F P 14.0 0.60 0 30.0 1.4 0.1 0.2 0.0 99999 0.25 -0.15 0.52 8002 0 1 (PS: Yes, I made the car indestructible - with the exception of it flipping or being shot at of course, ...so I use it for everything - AND - what's nice is - they are EVERYWHERE!) ~Lestat
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    Odie - We will never forget you

    I'm new to the game series - but GTA 3 is one of my favourites due to all the detail put into the maps, ...he was an excellent designer! I only JUST found out about this tragedy - I'm really sorry to hear about his death - but yes, I do wish the best to his family, and hope he rests well. Thank you for your hard work Odie.