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  1. I like most music. There's something good from every genre usually. But most of all. Stadium rock. I am a secret American and there's nothing like some Bon Jovi or some Aerosmith or Bruce Springsteen to get me rockin'.
  2. Pre-ordered F1 2010. It's now been dispatched too so i'm quite chuffed. Amazon £35 inc postage. Bargain.
  3. r u a karate master

  4. Yer personal photo is so awesome =]

  5. Lol @ your personal photo.

  6. Cheers, you guys! --- I didn't really have a party before so i'm going to have more of a do next weekend. Better to celebrate it properly.
  7. I'm pretty much with you. I don't want too much more spoiled. I am curious to know what kind of Storylin elength we're talking about in terms of game hours but I can't think of much else.
  8. It's 45. Bloody tough too. There's a cheat that you can use to get more ammo for your pistol. But that is cheating and will tarnish your 100% I guess that it's just practice and obviously a little luck when it gets hectic. I struggled too. Just keep trying!
  9. Looks pretty genuine to me and I haven't seen that before. Erm, I'm guessing that she'll be like that bikini woman from Vice City. And not actuall be a character in the game.
  10. Glad that you both like the site. You'll like it more once you get to know everyone. Stick around, enjoy!!
  11. I think that my current picture is nearly 2 years old. Time for an updated shot: Taken on my birthday. lol
  12. Wow, you made the effort to make the thread and it's a double!! Awesome. Thanks and thank you to everyone else posting in the thread. - Including Connor. --- Pretty ok Birthday, though not a typical 18th. Just hada couple of beers infront of the Arsenal game. And they won 2-0. Bloody fantastic result! Thanks again.
  13. Happy birthday Airashii! Old enough to drink! Get drunk and get laid.

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