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  1. I hope you come back to this site. After installing the save patch I couldn't save my games. It said the save file was missing. Any help with that.
  2. The so-called 100% saved games I downloaded still put me right at the beginning and gives me nothing that is promised, like all cars in garages and stuff. I've got v.1. Any help? Okay. Update. I realized that I had v.1.01 and I downloaded the patch and I ran it and it's perfect. I can mod like there's no tomorrow. But now the 100% saved games doesn't want to load at all. Gives me an error report. Please someone. What is it I'm doing wrong?
  3. My game suddenly don't read Saved games that I downloaded from he internet. It's still start from the beginning and the map is still closed and I still need to do all the missions. I've got v.1.0 Help would be appreciated. Update. I got the problem. It was the main.scm file that needed to be replaced.
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