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    GTA 5 Wishlist

    That would be fuckin' boss man. I would also like to see similar stats like in SA, where you can put on/lose weight and also muscle. Also the ability to duel wield most of the weapons, and a broader range of melee weapons (Bring back the Katana!) Also the option to invest your money in businesses and purchase safe houses around the city.
  2. Los Santos! It should be completely remodeled like LC was in GTA IV. It would be the perfect urban warzone.
  3. Perhaps in the next GTA, whoever the new protagonist is, he will eventually cross paths with Niko Bellic and they either become business partners or enemies, depending on your choices.
  4. Hi everyone! I just joined the forums. My name is Joey, and I have been a big GTA fan since the first one. Nice to meet you all.
  5. I hated how at the end of the game, there wasn't anything to really do apart from try to get 100% and rampage. It also sucked that you couldn't take all that money you eventually make through the story missions and invest it in safe houses/businesses.
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