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    Three Word Story

    Ugly ass motherfucking
  2. Lil Booze

    What are you listening to right now?

    Showtek - The F-Track
  3. Lil Booze

    Three Word Story

    sexy monkey buisness
  4. Hello fellow members, anybody who can tell me how to upload a mod, skin?
  5. I would guess its a scripting malfunction, the website doesn't support your browser. See if there is any compatibility mode's in your browser. If not, use the old good Internet Explorer. Works like a charm
  6. Going on tour 19 June. Starting with a performance in Copenhagen!

  7. Lil Booze

    F*&K EA Games! BOYCOTT!

    EA is not good at stealing our money, they are doing a great job and always releases good titles. You should check out the new All Points Bulletin (APB), i just pre-bought it, its like Grand Theft Auto, just in a MMORPG.
  8. Lil Booze

    Layout Changes / New Ads

    No problem apology accepted
  9. Lil Booze

    Layout Changes / New Ads

    I work for an Media Designing company in Denmark were i work with flash, photoshop and so on. I would love to help this community with growing, so here comes a new idea. Is it possible that we made this like the FPSBANANA, the layout is great, and there users can be more free and roam around like they want If you need designs you can always come too me (:
  10. Lil Booze

    Layout Changes / New Ads

    I putted it together, the one who drawed the characters is Patrick Brown, and i am allowed to use this
  11. Lil Booze

    Layout Changes / New Ads

    Maybe a new banner for the site? Just made this