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  1. have you seen the distance man?
  2. Here his the first video posted in this topic, this at least is a proof that i've done it: Wheelie Bonus: $ 171 Distance: 2866 Feet Time: 14 Seconds here are the links: (if one doesnt work try the other one) Super Wheelie Link 1 or Super Wheelie Link 2
  3. Mouta

    Can someone send me tutorials?!

    ok thanks a lot man!!!
  4. Mouta

    Can someone send me tutorials?!

    yes i know but i want to know if there are some more, like to do with cars and planes, etc...
  5. can anyone post stunting tutorials here? i'm a newbe and i want to learn how to do stunts cause i love them... so if you can help me ill be very greatful ps: send videos pls lol - Please refrain from uploading useless pictures -Akuma
  6. Mouta

    trying to find a mod!...

    hi! im trying to find a mod for gtasa, does anyone knows a mod to change the fly high limit, to change the limit of flying, so you can go as high as you want?!!!! thank you!
  7. ohh! ok thank you... it is really cool! thank you very mutch... lol
  8. i've downloaded speedometer mod, but i cant figure how to put it to work, ive done what the readme file says but it didn't worked!!! can anyone help me plsssss?!!!!! :'( :'(
  9. Mouta

    Post your CJ screenshots

    im tha man!!!!
  10. Mouta

    [SA] i need help!

    can anyone tell me how does SINZAR, in he's "Welcome to the Fold" video, how the hell can he jump so high whith the BMX???!!! can you help me please?