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  1. YoungFools

    Possible GTA V hint in EfLC manual?

    I'm definitely going to go with the idea that it is a hint for the next GTA. That tear is definitely placed there for a reason, and the reference to 'Opens March Everywhere' must mean an announcement will be made public in March. As to the locations, well it could be a number of things, but i highly doubt it will be anywhere other than an english city. If it is a remake of other installments, Vice City does sound logical as Rockstar did remake vice city after Liberty City. But if you put the 'two posters' together, the volcano suggests to me it could be San Andreas. Just a thought...
  2. YoungFools

    MrLlamaLlama's GFX [CLOSED]

    im loving the stuff you've done here guys... very good work thats for sure!
  3. YoungFools

    On hand cash.

    yea, I noticed that, and whats worse is when I tried stealing from him (manticore) I lost, and he gained a hell of a lot from me, hence the $-9,991 that i have.
  4. YoungFools

    New moderators and some other stuff

    Just a quick one to say hello to all the new mods, I know i hardly come on these forums no more, but its good to see some of the changes this site has been through. Good job Chris and all you guys who make this site work!
  5. YoungFools

    GameInformer Q&A - The Answers

    I think this answers your question on the cell phones judging by what Reiner said:
  6. YoungFools

    GTA IV Trailer Released!

    Hang on, nobody has mentioned anything about what will be in it! Firstly the city is much larger than liberty city was in GTA3. (More resemblance of New York -Times square, empire state building, Statue of "liberty" etc...) I bet the statue is called "The statue of Liberty City" or something though. -Im basing this on the fact that the layout of the city is completely different. Secondly, there could very well be a fully operational Rollercoaster, "Screamer", featured in the game. Should be good if it was ridable. Peds interactions have dramatically improved, with smerks and even waving at people while driving. Paths have also been improved (birds too). Water physics has been improved drastically, and a (working) ferry port is featured. Shadows and Lighting has also been improved. More realistic cars instead of the usual fantasy cars. Also features telecabinas (dont know what it is in english).
  7. YoungFools


    Quick note on the handling on this vehicle... it is (as Ciáran said) fast but slow in water. To put that into more detail, the acceleration is slow... and in the water... exceedingly slower.
  8. YoungFools


    your forgetting, you (and the peds) can swim on the water! though it is limited (unless you complete the "beach Patrol" side missions). and yea, it is the army type vehicle.
  9. YoungFools

    Jetski Fun! (VCS ONLY)

    For those lucky enough to own a PSP and Vice City Stories, may already notice that you have so much more control over the jetski, tilting up, down, left and right. Now by leaf links, there is a STONE ramp that lets you jump over part of the course. I have found you can actually turn the jetski a full 360degrees before touching the water. If you hit the ramp with enough speed and whilst leaning back and turning left as you hit the ramp, and keep hold of the analog stick south west (diagonal down to the left) you can spin the jetski. and because the ramp is a stunt ramp, the slow motion makes it look sooo smooth! It does take a few attempts though. Found any more tricks you can do using the jetski?
  10. YoungFools


    I was wondering what the compound was! heh, thanks for that!
  11. YoungFools

    How are you going to die?

    you may laugh now, but that is possible! Reminds me of that bastard hugh hefner (guy behind the "balls" of PlayBoy).who has just celebrated his 80th birthday and is still loves viagra, and 6 ladies!
  12. YoungFools

    How are you going to die?

    mine wud be infront of a very large crowd, with a parachute malfunction when skydiving.
  13. YoungFools

    get rid of cars

    sadly not... i think the easiest way to get rid of cars from the game is to delete the data in the .ide files (if thats right) not at my comp atm so i dont know...
  14. YoungFools

    [SA] Longest Wheelie on a motorbike Contest

    for those of you that didnt see the other topix I made... I made a video of me doing a wheelie. It showed all the way from the start and end, and i managed to do it for over 15 mins... cant remember where it is hosted.
  15. YoungFools

    Happy Birthday Chris

    Yes, Happy Birthday Christ! I mean Chris Funnily enough... it is my birthday today too! sadly, im not 18, im 17, so i cant buy pornography, or buy alcohol legally just yet.. but this is spain! i've been buying alcohol since last summer!