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  1. Could someone possibly upload an unedited Vehicle.IMG file and an unedited Handle.DAT file? It would be a great help to me, and I'm sure there's other newbies that have edited their files without properly backing them up. Thank you..
  2. He's obviously just trolling the fuck out of the forums. He can't honestly be that bad with grammar. You could form better words by throwing a bar of soap at the keyboard while standing 15 fucking feet away from it..
  3. First of all, I'll give you my Laptop's specs. Windows 7 Intel Core2Duo @ 2.13 GHZ 4 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M NOW Onto the fun part. I play the game, I'm driving around, and out of nowhere, the game crashes. I edited the Handling.dat file, or whatever it's called, but I replaced the edited one with the original. I edited some cars using the newest SparkIV (6.8), and that's it. I forgot to save the original cars though... Does anyone know why my game is crashing? It's the latest GTA IV, latest patch.
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