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  1. @JessVida Dos Google Translator ave an Trollish-English feature?

  2. Said everything, MK, everything...

  3. MK47

    HOW aren't you banned yet? Obv troll.

  4. i cum back to websit and i'n not admin,, why????/ if i trol then you goblekin ike bitvvh
  5. whoo sunnie baldlearire?>??>

  6. butt i doidnt wan give you my info> give me pyermisiionses you hav'et to,, i have a wright to hve themes M/ wens wedensdiy
  7. Seriously, WTF are you talking about? Dude, I can understand Sunny Baudelaire better than you.

  8. wht aboute error moter fuckar litle penise
  9. i want be adminastror of site ,-not mod!!!!!!! ADMIN!!! other admins give me the permissions k! ''''''''''''' '\ ' '
  10. but im am inglish!!!?11 what odo about hac k problem,.,. i hit me sister caue she didnte solvey
  11. txs form repley nazi gramm,bu woh i fixed eror meesage?>, what specs meant?? error happen whene pers in pc i say getg off and scrwd when chekc, i say sistr suc she sad yaya'
  12. help i, game always did laggg rer i sea appdate for patch 7 and take,but not fixitmak e badderby maker hackb bug/`? hejp mi mi cont play with stoppper thing stop it!!!!!!! i try new stilk wrker notter bett,,pleas he[p witch error [email protected]