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    Playing GTA games, moding, I'd like to make mods miself, but I'm only a beginner, so help would be useful :D
  1. Nitrous Oxide

    Problem with modding GTA SA

    Yeah, that was the first thing I tried, but it didn't work... I wrote that here, I replaced it with original, but it still didn't work, so I found this website with all GTA SA files uploaded. I downloaded the files I needed, replaced, still the same...
  2. Nitrous Oxide

    Problem with modding GTA SA

    Sorry for spaming, but now it's even worse. Everytime I get near NRG500 the game crashes. I reinstalled it, deleted savegames, all. But if I get let's say to the spot in Los Santos where is NRG500 the game crashes before I can even see it. I give up
  3. Nitrous Oxide

    Tron Motorcycle Mod

    It is AWESOME!!! Can you suggest how can I make mods for myself? And it would be great if you made the other Tron Lightcycle, but one that glows for SA... That would be pure awesomness
  4. Nitrous Oxide

    Problem with modding GTA SA

    Yes, I have Windows 7 Buisness Edition And where on the Control Panel can I change that?
  5. Nitrous Oxide

    Problem with modding GTA SA

    Yes, it also asks me for admin rights, and I click OK, but then, I check again and the square for read only is still marked o.O And with the mods is like this. When I install a mod with SAMI everything is OK, but in game, when I come near the vehicle, the game crashes. Why is that? Is it because the SA files are read only? And why can't I fix the player position?
  6. Nitrous Oxide

    Problem with modding GTA SA

    But, it says that the patch is for mods. I could not install mods, then I patched it, and it worked, but now, it still doesn't. And thank you soooo much for respodning that fast!
  7. Nitrous Oxide

    Problem with modding GTA SA

    Hi, Guys, I have a problem, actually two -.-" The first problem is with my GTA SA modding. I can't mode it anymore. Also my entire GTA SA map is 'Read Only' and I can't uncheck that. I've tried with SAMI and IMG Tool, but it just crashes... And yes, I've patched it Help please? The second problem is, that when I could mode, I installed a bike, that needed right player position on it. So the file bikes.ifp has been replaced. The new position was like s***. The player was literally lying on the bike, even my dad laughed when he saw it. But here is the problem, I can't install the original position, and I've tried everything! I replaced with the original file, I replaced it with an original file from some web page with original file, I reinstalled the game, but still nothing! The player is still lying on the! Please help me! Thank you P.S. I also attached the picture, when the stupid player is lying on the stupid bike...
  8. Nitrous Oxide

    i need these tools for gta sa editing

    I want to make a Motorcycle mod for GTA-VC , A very simple one, I just want to modify original pcj600.dff file
  9. Nitrous Oxide

    i need these tools for gta sa editing

    Again, thanks a lot. But this is for GTA IV And I couldn't open .dff file with ZModeler2. Or I must have ZModeler1!? I renamed the .dff file to .z3d (ZModeler file) and it couldn't open the file -.- I'll try Zmodeler1...
  10. Nitrous Oxide

    i need these tools for gta sa editing

    use "z modeler" and "txd editor" for editing dff and txd files. txd files can be extracted as bmp or tga format so u can use any editor to edit bmp files after extracting them from txd files Thanks A LOT! Do you know any YouTube Tuturials, on "How to use Z-modeler"? I had Z-Modeler on my comp. but I though, that is almost imposible to do models with this program, it's so hard! So I can use any .bmp pictures editor? And it's possible to make mods with Z-Modeler for GTA-Vice City?
  11. Nitrous Oxide

    i need these tools for gta sa editing

    Sup guys! I've been moding games GTA-SA and VC for a looooong time, and now I want to make my own mods for GTA-SA BUT I can't find programs for making mods, well I even don't know how to make mods, so I'm asking you guys to help me. Is there a program that can open original .dff files, so I can change them? Is there a same progam for .txd files? I heard that some people make .dff files for SA with Google Sketchup, is that true? Thanks in advance