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  1. Lil Wayne - Fix My Hat

  2. im out here at da cheesecake factory wit da famm.finna chow down like a fat boy.

  3. finna go to bed.im outie like a belly button.two fanguz to ya FB.hit meh on da celly if yhu wanna holla.DEUCES.zZZzzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzzzzZZZzzzZZz.

    1. The Bossman

      The Bossman

      You look about 13 dude. You're not a gangsta from the Bronx so speak ENGLISH or leave the fucking forum, you moron.

  4. b!tch if yhu aint got da mixtape yo grandma gonn make yhu stand up in church nxt sunday.b!tch if yu aint got da mixtape yhu gonn get in a accident rite na.b!tch if yhu dnt got dis mixtape yhu gonn get maul'd by a raccoon while takn out da trash. - Yung Trap [diss nigga funny as fuhh.]

    1. Mpilk901


      Does your status really need to be that long?

    2. Chris


      Hmm I think we should maybe limit the number of characters you can use... and maybe force people to speak English too.

    3. Damjan


      Maybe?I say we SHOULD.

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