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  1. Toni, Ma, 8-Ball, Mickey, Miguel, Donald Love and Maria were also in GTA3 as well as LCS! I Think it'd be good 4 Lance Vance or Avery Carrington to be the main character in VCS
  2. * The environment should be more interactive and the buildings more accessible, because i am sick of the fake doors on all the buildings which you can't get into. * You should be able to extort and force other gang members to join you. * Ability to mod law enforcement vehicles, e.g. rhinos, enforcers, police cruisers etc. * you should be able to buy and furnish/decorate your safehouses. * More " bent " cops etc. like officer. Frank Tenpenny( GTA SA ) and Ray Machowski ( GTA 3 ). * Longer storylines and missions. * More Action, Less races. * More sly comments from peds. * Stamina, Muscle building and more attire choices, like the ideas used in GTA SA. * More Gangs, and more destruction.
  3. I hope this time there are more stuff to do and the environment is more interactive, and i wanna see more of Tommy and Candy and maybe Rosenberg as well.
  4. Hiya Ladies i am a new guy to the site and i would like some help with getting in2 the gang families etc., Can any1 help? plz
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