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  1. Yeah, I know. Why don't we get off this topic. VCS is going to be fun.
  2. ok but each city had a different story no switching beween los santos to san fierro los santos stories san fierro stories las venturas stories
  3. if i could choose a main caracter for vcs it would definitly not be Kent Paul wayyyy to nervouse of a wreck. if the game is before vc i think it would be lance but if its after you'd probably play as lances bro how comes to vc for lances fueral then help ing then killing off every body tommy worked w/ (exept kent(sa) ) Killing tommy at the end for revenge but hey r* could go a totally different way?
  4. who bj smith besides hes probably not because his name's smith cuz people do name there children bj. an example is aj aj doesnt stand for anything along w/ bj
  5. why are we talking about claude again.................? HERE IM ENDING THIS NAME NONSENCE WE ALL DONT KNOW HIS REAL NAME HE IS A MUTE SO IF U THINK ALL ABOUT IT HE COULD NEVER REALLY TELL ANY BODY HIS REAL NAME CLAUDE, FIDO, KID, MR. GREENJEANS, AND GTA3 GUY ARE ALL NICK NAMES BY US OR OTHER GTA CHARACTERS jesus so about lcs.... lololololololololol (sorry forget the lcs part i forgot the forum catagory) does any 1 agreegree
  6. is there any info on when this game comes out i want it
  7. Im going to buy lcs on ps2 very shortly because, not just for the fact that i don't have nor can't afford a psp, but because it looks the same for both ps2 and psp (no graphics difference) ill aggree w/ tommy vercetti up there when i judge it for myself other than that are the cheats for the psp version the same for ps2 no r&l2s to press?
  8. why not i mean nobody has said any thing bad about multiple ps2 disks for a game and they dont all have come out in 1 case they could come out like SAS pt. 1(LS) , pt. 2(SF) , pt. 3(LV) They probably will do it OR they also coult do Los Santos stories San Fierro stories and Las Venturras stories That would work wouldnt it
  9. im syched about lcs going to ps2 im gonna buy it i didnt think there was any difference between ps2 and psp i mean is there any at all on the trailers it doen't look like it please e- mail me cocerning psp ps2 graffix comparison [email protected] ive read reviews for lcs on psp and they are all aleast 4-5 star ratings but there are somany negitive reviews for ps2 version wtf!? theres no god damn difference i don't even think the graffix are diffent are they ???????????
  10. If my parents can scrounge out enough change from the couch to get me a ps3 i will definitly be buying gta IV.
  11. I recently sold my san andreas THEN i hear lcs is coming out 2 ps2!! so buy that now im hearing theres going to be a vice city stories which is great cuz if lcs is on psp then comes to ps2 vcs will definetly be on ps2 as well is some time They'll probably (if not it would be rad) come out with San andreas stories # umd's in one case each for each city then it'll be cool if they mash'em together on 1 ps2 disk like the full san andreas game Skrew the gta 3 trilogy im now gonna be owning the stories R* at least i think just might have something going here it would be rad for vcs to be in 70's or a right now-like era
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