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  1. my favorite vc vehicle is the phoenix i also like the sabre turbo and the cheetah which like the best in vc
  2. actually i guess there was a couple vehicles in vc and sa but not in vcs i think they are packer,fbi rancher,bloodring banger,and hotring racer i was thinking mostly of fbi rancher cuz it was a vigilante vehicle. and i believe the police maverick is black and white. i guess i'll ask another question what two vehicles that were radioless before now have them(music radios)
  3. while i have enjoyed all the stations in lcs their is one talk show i hate the stupid cooking show it's just gross and disgusting i never listen to it but i like the rest of the stuff(well cliff lane on lips 106 is sick also)
  4. okay one thing i meant that the infernus looks sweet on x-box gta3 it has an awesome engine thing on the back(probably the same on pc also) and second i can find phobos vt's a lot of the time(i love that car too) in shoreside vale i find a lot of them usually i can find one parked on that little area below the dam across from the houses
  5. i love all the gta games from 3 to vcs i think they all have great cars,weapons,music everything is great i've been playing them for almost two weeks now. before that i was playing them for about a month or two like 3 or 4 months ago i usually play gta games every few months probably 1/2 or 3/4 of a year.
  6. i didn't count the yakuza stinger because it's a gang car i like the infernus too although i think it looked the coolest in gta3
  7. at the airport at the parking lot there is a parked sabre turbo(behind the blown up area) what vehicle was in vice city and san andreas but not in vcs
  8. i think lcs is an awesome game and it has some of the best cars in the whole series what is your fave sports car mine is the banshee i guess if i forgot any i'm sorry
  9. i think people give lcs and 3 a lot of slack i think the music is great in both games and a lot of the music is real and even the made up stuff i like. i think that if all the music was popular real stuff it wouldn't work because liberty city is just too small so the music wouldn't fit plus there's no helicopters or real planes and only 3 boats which gives it a small feeling too.
  10. i think the san fierro rifa and da nang boys are the most annoying gangs because they hardly ever fight me back they usually just run away.i also hated how you couldn't take over their territories.i hope they make a sa stories so you can take over their terrirories and take over mafia territories in las venturas,and they should add a redneck gang in the countryside
  11. which vehicle is only available in vice city and liberty city stories
  12. i like the new vehicles,radio stations(i like em better than vc's)empire mode is okay it's gta what else is there to say(by the way i like this better than vc and i like lcs better than 3)
  13. hey starting next week i'm going to try to play all my gtas here's how long ill play them(all on ps2) (tv) san andreas-2 hours (TV) liberty city stories-1 hour vice city stories-1 hour (tv) 3-1 hour vc-1 hour (tv) i don't know if it will work i usually get carried away with gta but im trying to finish a lot of my dvds how long do you play gtas
  14. the thing that i like is the world the radio stations especially but also the stores and signs i just like to drive around exploring the areas(especially sa) and i love listening to the radio stations. that's what the clones are missing all they have is generic buildings and they don't have radio stations they just have songs.
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