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  1. tnk

    Incredible FAKE Map

    My moment in the spotlight has passed....
  2. tnk

    Incredible FAKE Map

  3. tnk

    Incredible Fake Map

    Here it is,Version 2 just for you guys... until it gets oticed again...
  4. tnk

    Incredible Fake Map

    I agree it's KINDA a waste of time... But i was bored at work, and mainly wanted to do it just to get an idea of size. But it was fun, and when everybody started pointing out other bits of evidence it was kind of a matter of pride to try and make it better!
  5. tnk

    Incredible Fake Map

    Okay... got the land shape and cities roughed in. No roads or towns or details yet, but does this sit a little better with you guys?
  6. tnk

    Incredible Fake Map

    I may be new, but I already have loyalty!
  7. tnk

    Incredible Fake Map

    Heh.. some of the people at gta-sanandreas ARE tools.. but yeah, some more insight there. All this is actually making sense. THIS MAP Was also pointed out to me, and I think it's locations of things are probably much close to the truth and I amy adapt mine to resbemble it more It solves not only the city locations, but the Mt. Chillead / Angel Pine question too. V2 is coming! Mucho thanks to you guys for pointing out so much!
  8. tnk

    Incredible Fake Map

    This is all super helpful! Just a couple thoughts I had-- I consciusly put LV and SF at the edges of the map. It just didn't seam logical to me that another city would be just over that river from Red County. It seems to close to LS. Everything we have been led to belive has said you have to drive some seriosu country between the cities, and that sometimes it is even easier to fly. Red County doesn't look like it would take too long to cross, especially on that straight freeway, so I think there HAS to be more countryside on the other side of that river. I feel like a tool for missing the comment about LV being seen from hank panky point, but it could work still. I think the images shown are looking south to LS. BUT, if the country side to the north is a desert it would likely be very flat, so it is possible that you can see a very far distance to see the city. I put Mt. Chilliad on a mountain of it's own simply because I can't imagine they would leave a huge empty space of just water in the upper left corner. seems like a waste fo space. I also feel dumb for missing that obvious bridge off of Rodeo that goes to the west. Didn't know about "Bone County." That totally sounds like a desert. And for the curious- I made the map in photoshop, and everything is just repeated bits and chunks from los Santos. It's all in layers so I can make a new version fairly easily, and I plan too.. so keep suggestions coming!
  9. tnk

    Incredible Fake Map

    Actually, if we follow REAL geography San Fierro would be Northwest, Las Venturas to the east, and Los Santos to the Southwest. I was going primarily based on what the lastes PS2 UK magazine showed, although they admit thier glimpse was brief and could be wrong. Most sources do agree that Los Santos is in the lower right of the screen, and of course that section is accurate on the map I made. As for Angel Pine, I didn't know how to rectify that problem. I know the first mission takes you there, so it would seem it is close to Los Santos, and yet Red County, the closest countryside to Los Santos doesn't contain Mt. Chilliad or Angel Pine. I'd be more than happy to make a new version if you guys want to help figure out locations.