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  1. I could give you the solution, but I am only on 10 right now, I just b/m it for later.
  2. WARNING, THE FOLLOWING POST IS EXTREMELY VULGAR AND THE WORK OF AN IMMATURE AND SADISTIC "LANKY STREAK OF PISS." I was frolicking around a small nut. I wanted to go on a ride called The Dillweed. It was outrageous. You flip 930475340893094 times. The person who invented it is called Peewee frolicking Herman. I used my money. The tickets cost 309434689347 dollars. I hopped on the ride. It was bitchin'. First it went crazily, and then it went mad crazily. I saw lights at the end of the tunnel. They were flamin'. Then I shot down the track. I felt fucknutingly fantastic, and my heart was banging. When I got off I felt sick to my stomach. I saw a new ride. I ran home to ask Uncle Sam to go. Yes, I can go. And I thought, "frolicking SHIT ASS COCK MOTHER FUCKER!"
  3. No you suck, for bumping a topic that is 2 months old. Dickweed.
  4. I'm pretty sweet at footy (soccer here in America, but I don't like that name, I like football better), and I play for my high school. I can't really show you any of my talent in that. Other than that, I am a good web designer and I'm also decent at graphics. I'm too lazy to post links to my works, the only sig I can think of off hand is my newest one I use on Gamespot and InsomniacGames.com forums:
  5. Yeah, this picture might actually be two years ago since all I remember is that is was winter during middle school.
  6. God this is an old picture, I now have longer, ungelled hair that I never comb or mess with. At least I have my awesome oP Snowboarding jacket on, that means something (yes, I truly do snowboard). This was well over a year ago, not sure exactly when...
  7. Actually the reason I closed it is because he bumped up at topic that was 2 months dead, not for a comment, I'm no censor. As for your question: 1. I am a good friend of Chris's, and also very knowledgable about web dev/gta. 2. Above.
  8. You are, truly, an idiot. Shutup now.
  9. Every now and then I get onto SOCOM II, my name is ~!Raider!~ .
  10. D*ck in girl's mouth and p*ssy in guys mouth...at the same time. Sorry, but you don't get any less specified than that.
  11. Well, we officially never saw Tenpenny die, but I really enjoyed the WCTR newsblip that talked about his body being found mutilated.
  12. I decided to start this up as an official topic and pin it so it won't get lost in the usual chaos of the forum. I just beat story mode earlier tonight ( I also beat RC:UYA and SOCOM II, that's why it took so long), and I was wondering what you guys thought about the ending and what you think would happen next if the game had kept going.
  13. Well it has been a month and he hasn't bumped the topic, so I assume that he figured it out. Try not to post in old topics.
  14. My only recommendation then is to sprint like you never have before, then just jump in and drive, I tried to kill the driver of the truck once and it cost me those few seconds when Madd Dogg jumped. I don't know what to tell you, maybe try what Miller said, to use a different disc, since this isn't a glitch on your mem card but your copy of the DVD.
  15. Make sure you are using Square and X to go fowards and backwards instead of using the stick.
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