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  1. Abhijeetsingh

    I want to know how to make mods for GTA VC

    can somebody tell me how to use zmodeler!
  2. Abhijeetsingh

    need help with zmodeler

    of course
  3. Abhijeetsingh

    need help with zmodeler

    use txd workshop or txd editor
  4. Abhijeetsingh

    Problem with VCM Packager

    I downloaded VCM Packager from http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/c44-gta-vice-city-tools now when i am trying to convert a file to vcm one step comes of addind Thumb Nail Can somebody tell me what is the meaning of that Thumb Nail? What is that?
  5. Abhijeetsingh

    "The Driver" mission: Need help!

    The best way to complete THE DRIVER mission is:- Download the super golf cart mod from here http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f1700-super-golf-cart-mod now when you will do this mission spawn a caddy by the cheat BETTERTHANWALKING when it will appear sit in that and when you will crsh any car your car will not stop in this way you can do the mission THE DRIVER
  6. I want to make mods for VC like cars and bikes. Can somebody help me?!