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  1. Einoriuks

    Need help

    Can anyone give me the original los santos cop texture, cause recently I've modded it and lost the backup. So can anyone attach it here, because I'm not going to reinstall Sa because of one texture.
  2. Hi, TGTAP users, I would like to show you my Gta vice city 2012 by Einoriuks Its a brand new modification for vice city that has: new textures, weapons, vehicles, maps, sounds, peds, skins, the script is a bit edited and more stuff. Why is this mod special? Because every bit of it is made by me Einoriuks The mod is close to its release! I would like to show you a video about it: Feedback wanted!!!
  3. Einoriuks


    Mua have a channel two http://www.youtube.com/user/EiNoRiUkS?feature=mhee Mostly vice city videos but I have some misc videos 2. Subscribe if you can
  4. Einoriuks

    need help please!

    What is the name of that player mod?
  5. Im back with some mods for vice city

  6. Einoriuks


    Just noticed how many mistakes I made in that post
  7. Einoriuks

    Vice City Trivia

    Jellyfish, sharks, dolphins and fish?
  8. In one hand replacing the radios is cool, but on the other hand its just time consuming and also people just could add their music to the mp3 folder.
  9. Lets say im making an "official" mod pack and want to know is it "legal" to mod the radios?
  10. Einoriuks

    Vice City Trivia

    I think the last call is received from a drunk Kent Paul
  11. Einoriuks

    Gta V trailer in gta vice city

    Hi thegtaplace, recently i have made a GTA V trailer in vice city. Its not the most acurate trailer and the quality is not so good but at least i tryed my best. If you want to see it here is the link: Enjoy
  12. Einoriuks

    GTA V Fanart Thread

    Here is my first try http://i.imgur.com/E4HGO.jpg Thanks Evo
  13. Einoriuks

    GTA V Fanart Thread

    Its just not my day i select the pic, press attach this file and it shows that it loads but it doesnt show up
  14. Einoriuks

    GTA V Fanart Thread

    Guys I cant make an atachment help me