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  1. Uber

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Varrio Los Aztecas Ballas Grove Street Families Playa del Seville families Vagos San Fierro Rifa Sindacco Mafia Forelli family Mountain Cloud Boys Da Nang Boys Blood Feather Triad Civilians during LS riots I think that is all of them. Q: What car is used on Emmet's firing range for training?
  2. Uber

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Complete Tenpenny's mission '777 We Tip'. Upon completion it will be in the 'Special' section of the wardrobe. What two cars spawn outside Helena's house when she becomes your girlfriend?
  3. Uber

    Favorite GTAIV Car

    I have a lot of different favorite cars in GTA IV, and what I pick really varies depending on the current situation. However, here are the ones that I always try to grab if I get the opportunity: Intruder Oracle Admiral Blista Compact Sultan RS I like my four doors for some reason, even though the ones I have outlined are not the most high-performance. The Intruder and the Oracle look very nice in black - almost like the kind of car that you'd see in The Transporter films or something. Plus, there's something really quite exciting about using a lower-performance car in Free Mode when someone has decided to hunt you down for whatever reasons they have. It's just quite hilarious ducking and weaving through the traffic on the wrong side of the road and watching them stumble with them. Or just hammering it up the road normally is always fun too
  4. I noticed the GTA: Chinatown Wars forum details that appear below the forum name is incorrect. It states only that Chinatown Wars was released on the PSP and Nintendo DS systems, though it was also released on the Apple App Store, for use on the iPod Touch and iPhone products. It was added to the App Store early in 2010, it seems. Videos reviewing the game seem to have been uploaded anywhere from the 8th of January this year. I know this might not be the best first post, but I figured I might as well bring it to your attention.