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  1. ghost of delete key

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    Heh, remarkable, innit?
  2. ghost of delete key

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    I was being facetious in saying that, even if you were someone of importance at GTAF and the stature remark had merit there. You edited your post after my response to add that, duh. That would describe one CharmingCharlie, and he's been dealt with. The average Staffer there is pretty respectful these days. If someone gets some hot words in their inbox, it's likely they earned them. ... no, you're confused. That was not in my OP. The horse pulls the cart, not the other way around. Relax a little @rockstarrem: Chilled, aye.
  3. ghost of delete key

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    Heh, you're kinda fun. My stature? Check my member title. It says "Nobody Special", and I'm reasonably certain that's accurate. Yes, there was no need to fly out and "git" me right off the bat. But maybe that's not considered bad manners here... More like 340,820 intellectually bankrupt vermin. It's not an easy job keeping one of the world's largest franchise fansites in a coherent state. You should give their Staff a little more credit. Oh, you didn't? Explain this... Hey, I just give back what I get. We can keep it civil, yes? I didn't see any of my mods here, but then again, I haven't released a mod in 6 years. I was more into file cracking. Guess where that was happening. People bump old open topics all the time there, no problem. You know what the key is? Be on-topic, and add something constructive to the thread. Maybe some of the more pompous or know-nothing Members complain, but let 'em. They don't run the forums. No Staff EVER bitches about bumping a topic if only those two conditions are met. All too often though, some wackadoodle bumps an old topic with "zomfg! I remember this!!1!" Big difference. BTW, as far as "misconceptions nobody gives a flying fuck about", I read this old thread and had nothing to add... until I saw habibi's little half-truth about his illustrious history at GTAF. I just figured you guys deserved a little more truthful treatment. But then again, maybe you wanna stick up for the little trolling liar. Maybe you never saw how he operated there, but if you're cool with him here, then hey, OK. That's all you have to say then, instead of calling me a git for constructively adding to a thread.
  4. ghost of delete key

    Porn virus holds gamers to ransom

    Think a bit... Those hentai games are almost exclusively lolicon. Statistically speaking, if you download that crap, you're also surfing for kiddie pr0n. What baby-fiddler wants their surfing history publicly revealed - and what better group of victims to target? A pretty ingenious scam, IMHO.
  5. ghost of delete key

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    Ouch. That hurt. I think I'm gonna cry now. Have the topic locked. Then you won't have to get your panties in a bunch and start calling people names. After reading the last page+ of off-topic lulz, now I can see why the whiner crowd likes it so much here in their protected empty cove. Hey, cheer up though. At least you guys got 10% more stuff going on here than at GTAHole. Especially all the mods and tools created by GTAF members. And English too... at least the site's not written in Farsi or something. Look, I didn't come here to piss in anybody's punchbowl, I just came to see what the hubbub was about. Now I see where all the kiddies who couldn't handle a real forum community wound up. Sheesh, you got some chip on your shoulder. You mustn't have a mirror; if you did, you'd see the sweet irony.
  6. ghost of delete key

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    Meh, it was not off-topic, still open, and the whinging here bleeds over into GTAF, so I figured I'd say my peace. ... and y'all complain about GTAF being this way... wow. See ya.
  7. ghost of delete key

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    Let's be honest here... You helped drag that thread off-topic with a debate-war complete with YouTube video, for which I believe you were warned, but you were banned because the next day you went on another spam jaunt... this little gem is the straw that broke the camel's back. The Staff got tired of it. But still, you only got a temp ban. Coming back to continue spamming things up didn't help your case either. Circumventing your "time out" is what got you banned on both accounts. Looking at your post history, we can see you had a habit of popping off one-liner spam, unwarranted comments, and other off-topicness. They're "strict" over there because you're just one of a thousand other knuckleheads acting the same way. No time to coddle 'em all, nahmeen? Granted, there have been a few (and I do mean ONLY a few) bad moderators there, but an examination of those who complain about being warned/banned will show a similar pathos. Just sayin'. I've seen at least one poster in this thread who recognizes why he was bamped, and has come to terms with it. These are the kind of folks who are frequently let back in if they want. But you play like habibi, and of course your IP will be blocked. --- off-topic: Hey Girish