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  1. hello, i have mastered skin making on vicecity, but how do i retexture cars,bikes and buildings?
  2. heyya i didnot mean to vote BAD my mouse is a lser one and it sorta sliped as i clicked.
  3. thank you, whats lulzworthy? and is there any particular way of posting?
  4. hello ive been wondering how do you make you reputation go up, and your membership status, can some1 plese tell me thanks :D:D
  5. cheers pal big help First you will need the IMG Tool! contact me: [email protected] thank you very much pal, how do i retexture guns tho pal? can you email me?
  6. why have none of my file uplaods been approved yet?!

    1. DemonTails


      no worrys - approved

  7. hello i am new to thegtaplace.com. can somebody please help and teach me how to mod guns cars and skins on gta vice city, as i can not find out how to do it, much appreciated. Thanks
  8. New, an confused.

    1. Nate10


      Hey, we all started somewhere. I'm not staff or anything, but don't feel shy to ask me anything if you need any help!

    2. DemonTails


      i will and thanks.

    3. Nate10


      Yeah no problem man.

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