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  1. maximeke2

    extract from GTA3.img and import using cmd

    can you install a .sami script without installing SAMI? Because my gta sa don't need to install, so my friends don't need to install.
  2. maximeke2

    extract from GTA3.img and import using cmd

    ok, i'll try that
  3. maximeke2

    extract from GTA3.img and import using cmd

    or is there a way i can run sparkCS.exe with paramaters -open gta3.img and after that with a second line: -export hotrina.dff. Because it doesn't allow me to do this: Spark.cs -open gta3.img -export hotrina.dff
  4. maximeke2

    extract from GTA3.img and import using cmd

    it would be nice if this would be possible with a single script indeed(impossible I think). But it's no problem if I need multiple scripts.
  5. hello, I made my own gta sa with alot of mods so i uploaded it to my website for me and my friends. But everytime I install a new mod, they don't have these mods! I already have an update script(in batch), but i need to extract from the gta3.img and import to gta3.img. I tried SparkCS but this needs separate commands like: SparkCS -open gta3.img and SparkCS -export hotrina.dff Is there a way I can use both commands in same line or is there another way to do this? Thanks in advance maximeke2
  6. maximeke2

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I've got some idea's: -mont sain michel ==> you need ebb and tide -eiffeltower -kayak -driving wheelchair
  7. maximeke2

    Need a mod for San Andreas...

    You can download gta sa noobmode v2.0, works great! Download from here
  8. maximeke2

    School Bus

    This one?
  9. maximeke2

    mspark change keys

    hello everybody, I downloaded masterspark(from here) but I also installed gta sa Noobmode v2.0. The hotkey for masterspark is H+tab, and for noobmode it is tab. So in the script(mspark.cs) i see: if and 00E1: player 0 pressed_key 4 00E1: player 0 pressed_key 9 else_jump @MSPARK_11 I don't understand how to change, if i look at the list of virtual key codes is don't even see a number 4? Also what is the difference between pressed_key and key_pressed. How can i change this to another key, for example H+J or something like that? thanks in advance Maximeke2