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  1. I hadn't thought of it, but a fake news station could be hilarrious. I know I love the police radio on the main site, so a news station in (I imagine) San Fierro would be great. In other, I would say Indie/Alternative. Pavement, Massive Attack, Nirvana... those guys may not have been ALL over the radio at the time, but then again neither were the Psychedlic Furs in the 80's.
  2. Incredible Fake Map

    Sarcasm, that is more than enough I imagine.
  3. Incredible Fake Map

    No no... that definitely won't do... you better just scrap it... or better yet, give it to me.
  4. Incredible Fake Map

    Maybe, but the super-mod called out the Admin with his saying this was utterly pointless, so I figured I would stand behind the higher authority :-P
  5. Incredible Fake Map

    Well, actually it is kind of interesting to see how close we can all get. I know it will still be a total shock to see the map. Besides, if you don't want to participate, go to another thread.
  6. Incredible Fake Map

    Oh, also I was thinking: if San An is a state, then will it actually be an island or series of islands? It seems odd to have San Andreas being essentially Rhode Island-sized. I think that maybe some part of the barrier in the game will be landlocked, unlike in previous GTA's.
  7. Incredible Fake Map

    Yes, and could you spell "Las Venturas" correctly? Not to be a bother, but that is really bugging me Otherwise, my EGM does specifically state that Angel Pine is at the base of Chiliad.