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  1. Its dark out there, can you feel it? I can!

  2. What is yours favorite phrases in GTA:SA

    Heres one I heard in the game just now. I was jacking a Mr. Whoopee ice cream van and pull out the driver clone and I aimed at him with my shotgun and CJ said: "You think I'm a well dressed clone?" That just crack me up and start laughing so hard! xD Because CJ was wearing a Tuxedo and some fancy clothes and aimed at the clone and said that. LMAO!!
  3. What is yours favorite phrases in GTA:SA

    Sorry for the double post because I cant find the edit button on my first post. In the mission "Robbing uncle Sam" when they arrived at the garage in Willowfield. Ryder: "Man that shit was tight" CJ: "Tight!?... Man the shit was shit" Ryder: "You said you are down for the homies but all you do is complain" In the mission "The Green Sabre" CJ: I gonna warn Sweet" *Phone ring*.... CJ: "Damn it Sweet pick it up, pick it up!" Sweet: "Hey wassup? You called me but i did'nt pick it up. leave a message after the.." CJ: "shit shit shit!" lol Best funniest quotes are Catalina's "Who are these cowboy assholes?" "Bleed! Mtherf*cker!" "Move your f*cking butt" *Your pathetic driving is causing them to escape" "I should cut your balls off" While walking on the streets Pedestrian talking to CJ: "Did someone died in your mouth?" lol Pedestrian: "Steroids makes your dick look what!?"
  4. Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Yes it can flout(land) on water. Where can you find a tractor attachment? (I found one) lol
  5. What is yours favorite phrases in GTA:SA

    HI! I'm new in forums LOL this forum is fun! THe mission where OG-Loc bail out from jail and you need to bring him to his home in East Los Santos CJ: "ain't this vargos turf?" Loc: "Man I don't give a shit! I'm gangsta!" xD LOL