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  1. I know it might sound stupid but i want to put a couple of elevators *cough*35* in san andreas. I do need help making them but you need to download my description files [Here: {LINK WILL SOON BE HERE}]. thats all for now tell me what you think.
  2. So no one is going to help me??
  3. I like hybrids and i dont care if there are no fuel guages. I think it would be a cool mod.
  4. I havnt started yet but i just need a little help scripting because i never made a mod that has edited the san andreas script too much.
  5. Im hoping to develop a Hybrid Mod for san andreas. wut this mod will do is when the car goes below 20MPh the electric engine will power the car. any faster then 20MPh then the gas/diesel engine will power the car. If any one can help me with this mod plz post!
  6. Im sorry guys my main computer has crashed because of a power spike and ruined my HD. Even though i was using a surge protector. I might start agen but i dont think i will.
  7. Sorry bout the long no post [school] i dont need the picture anymore i got an old image i made that was easy for me to make animate [its my sig].
  8. SRRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST. Origional GTA Master can you make the wheels have like 6-8 frames instead of 2??
  9. i used power point to make it a gif format and thanks guys. i nomally use uNfreeze wich i can change speed between frames and it takes gif only.
  10. Can you guys make this trucks wheels turn and in a GIF Format??
  11. ati radon 9550 256mb video dual ddr2 512mb ram hauppage tv card spyder series case ultra speed light scribe drive floppy drive () maxtor 160 gb primary maxtor 60 gb seccondary acer 19" wide screen display acer motherboard 300watt power supply dual 120mm fan microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse turtle beach 7.1 dolby surround sound card 1.7ghz celeron prosessor Windows XP Pro W/ SP2 Like it im almost done with the upgrade
  12. wut about the gang levels like in GTA 2?
  13. nty i really need an ford excursion
  14. ya um no such car on google and i really want one. also the huntly looks WAY different then the Ford Exursion.
  15. Hi guys can you make this car for san andreas?? [The Pic Is My Avatar]
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