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  1. yeh i hate the one that is there alrdy because hey dont really have water cos i saw one that had been sol to a entusiast for $50,000 an it had a dismantled machine gun, rocket and grenade launchers and had a tug on the front of it for sum reason, looked cool
  2. please may someone copy their GTA LCS PS2 Save from their memory card to their max drive and email it to me, must be past the mission where u escort sal to court willing to give u $100 of cash on here via the store bank, willing to negotiate! thanks in advance! Matty Major
  3. hey, Is there someone who can mod a ps2 version of san andreas? as im fed up playing the non moddable v2 PC and the normal PS2 version! Please Help ME! Thanks in advance
  4. someone needs to gather all the main files in the dat and so on and then ask if people want it, i got a mod 1yr ago for v1 b4 it broke and that had all the files in it so that if it broke u can just paste that folder in and away u go. PM me if you have these files for people to use!!!
  5. or u can get the main files from someone else and then paste em into your folders!
  6. what ally way...................... who what where when!!!
  7. all i need is a save for the action replay max memory stick which is past the mission where u have to escort sal to the court!
  8. yep the best til GTA: IV comes out, sounds like the next could be best though>
  9. has anyone got the Action Reply Max Memory Stick for ps2, if u have and have got a 100% or nearest to that save PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Send it to me !!!!
  10. Will they bring it out for PC or PS2?
  11. how can you destroy tanks!
  12. can sum1 convert GTA III to San Andreas?
  13. i have seen a mod on a diffrent website wich is undergoing some updates an wonderd if anyone had it, it lets you have a chaffure, pilot, body guards witch you can use by doin certain moves. if you have it PLEASE TELL ME!
  14. dont like da idea of a female (ONLY AN OPINION) but you should be able to create your charecter at the beginnin like, hair, skin, build, personality but not like da sims
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