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  1. The Driver

    Dual Weapons In VCS

    You could wield sawn-offs as well in SA, but it would be more realistic that if you pick up one pistol, its is a single handed weapon, but if you pickup two in a row, then it is dual weapon! That would be more fun, and have more depth into the game.
  2. The Driver

    Dual Weapons In VCS

    I think may features in VCS will be from SA, like the man leaning against the car, or those terrible gun shot sounds! ARGH! Impression: Pop, pop, poooop.
  3. The Driver

    Dual Weapons In VCS

    No, no, I mean look at both hands. They are both cupped, like there are supposed to be weapons for each hand, and not just his right hand cupped. That means there could be the possiblility of dual weapons!
  4. The Driver

    I KNOW WHO THE MAIN Character will be in GTA 4!

    I think that GTA IV will have a character that nobody expects, for example... If it was set in England or more specifically, London, then it could be Maccer (From SA), or Kent Paul. London, the next Grand Theft Auto.
  5. The Driver

    Dual Weapons In VCS

    OK, so this may be untrue, but by looking at all of the pictures of Vic Vance, both hands are in a 'cup' shape, meaning when a dual weapon is selected (E.g. Pistols) his hands look like they are holding them. See below, and you will see what I mean... So, look at both hands, and they are cupped as if there can be two small weapons. What do you think?
  6. The Driver

    Who would win in a fight tommy or CJ

    Who would win in a fight tommy or CJ? Well, it depends which one you are controlling! If you controlled Tommy then he would win, and the same applies to CJ.
  7. The Driver

    VC Multiplayer Help

    OK, I have uninstalled GTA VC, then deleted the GTA VC folder, then REINSTALLED it, then uninstalled MTA, then installed VC MP. Now, I am stuck. When I find a server IP and Port, and put it in the launcher, I click launch game, and this black box comes up, saying 'Failed To Update Files please check IP and try again'. What does that mean? What should I do? I really want to play it! Please help! What should I do at this stage?
  8. The Driver

    VC Multiplayer Help

    Nope, I reinstalled VC, meaning it is a clean installation, but I do have MTA as well, which I am using, but I have heard that VC MP is better. It would be appreciated, Chris, if you could tell me EXACTLY what to do, since I have been scouring the internet and looking at the 'Readme's for troubleshooting. If I used a version that was not the latest, it would say 'connecting to server' but it would stay there forever, but it doesn't crash, because you can see the VC clock moving. All I see is the interior of Kaufman Cabs. Should I uninstall MTA and get rid of the stuff that it puts in the Vice City directory, such as mtad.scm, for example? (If it doesn't automatically delete it anyway in the uninstallation). HELP! .
  9. The Driver

    VC Multiplayer Help

    Sorry if this is bumping an old topic, but I need desperate help on using VC MP. Everytime I want to connect to a server, I put in it's IP, and my nickname etc. Then, when I click 'Launch Game' it goes to its loading screen, and goes 'DING!' and says, 'Exception At Address: 0x00652AA0 Registers: EAX: 0xFFFFFFFF EBX: 0x00000000 ECX: 0xFFFFFFFF EDX: 0x00000000 ESI: 0x007D7C38 EDI: 0x007D7C38 EBP: 0x000000FF ESP: 0x0012F6A0 EFLAGS: 0x00010246 Stack: 0x007D80A4 0x007D95D0 0x00000000 0x016F1E94 0x007D7C38 0x0068E500 0x0048DEC4 0x007D7C38 0x00000100 0x00000000 0x0048DDBD 0x00000000 0x007D7C38 0x00000100 0x07741200 0x00000000 0x45444F4D 0x475C534C 0x52454E45 0x542E4349 0x00204458 0x58542E53 0x00002044 0x00000003 0x70000001' Does anyone know why? Either that happens, or it goes ingame, with the interior of Kaufman Cabs, saying 'Connecting to server', but it doesn't happen. What is the problem? Please help! Either of the two above happen. HELP!
  10. The Driver

    MTA VC

    You must restart your connection (disconnect and reconnect), and is sometimes the server's problem for a short time, keep trying other servers, this is known to happen. Just keep trying.
  11. The Driver

    Do you tink we will see Tommy in VCS?

    Because Diaz is basically Tony Montana from Scarface, we will see Diaz get a Green Card, and will just be starting in Vice City, we will see his rise to power!
  12. The Driver

    What one is the best?

    Oh, it's just that it says Real-life stunter, and I assumed you did stunts in 'Real-life'. What is Parkour? Do you mean skateboarding?
  13. The Driver

    do you think it will.....

    Yes, I think it is going to be good as well, the only problem is, I sold my PSP recently! D'oh!
  14. The Driver

    Ever flown a heli in LCS?

    Calm Before The Storm mission is where you can get the Black Maverick, but you can't fly it far.
  15. The Driver

    What do you like abaut Claude?

    Ha, that is quite funny! But if he was to wear different clothes, nobody would recognise him, plus he doesn't have the 'ability' to change clothes yet!